Al Hill

Bio: They/He pronouns. Queer and trans. South London.


Instagram: @0palsea

a digital drawing of a mug in the colours blue and yellow. the mug has Campbell soup on its labelling, and there are words around the mug that say ‘my favourite mug’ in blue.

My favourite mug

Graphic image of iPad drawings. The drawings are all in pink, using rough sketch line work. There is a picture of a woman facing towards the camera, and there’s the words ‘Art for all’ in large bubble text. There are other doodles of artworks by the artist Eleanor West. Including a house with wavy lines around it,  a they them badge and doors on their side.

Feels like home.

Animated GIF of text. The text reads: 'having top surgery for free.' The letters are in various shades of pinks and oranges. The background is transparent/ white

Having top surgery as a performance

Image of a white person, they have a photo filter over their face. The filter is of a plant that has been printed onto textiles, then with the background cropped out. There are dashes and squares in yellow coming out of the plant too. The person is sideways and grinning.


Photograph of a quilt. The centre of the frame is of a white patch of a painted cheese plant. The patch has repetitive stitches in outwards directions from the patch. The rest of the quilt is colourful with various other patches too.

Stitch in progress

Photo of a brightly coloured quilt of different patches. The photo is focused on A patch white shiny fabric, with large yellow dyed words of ‘REST’, which are embroidered around. Below, there is the words ‘Rest for as long as you need’ in green.

Rest for as long as you need

Photograph of a quilt. There is a big yellow square of dyed fabric patched on top. The fabric has the words 'you deserve to feel soft' hand painted on top in a Reddy orange. Some of the letters are backwards. It is all sewn together to form a house with a chimney, sewn with a Reddy orange.

You deserve to feel soft

Digital drawing of a swooping word in pink, it reads 'document' in cursive. It is highlighted in yellow


Photograph of a pair of trousers on a washing line in a garden. The trousers have various remnants of flowers and leaves, where they have been smashed into a pulp. The flowers and markings are bright, with yellows purples and reds. You can see the trousers were folded at the seam, as the pattern of each plant is mirrored on each leg.

Stealing flowers from the rich and smashing them on my trousers

photographic collage. The foreground is of a small textile banner, attached to a twig with embroidery floss and wool. The fabric is of a field with flowers and a sky. In red, there is embroidery of the word 'bastard' going up the banner. The collage involves the banner in the foreground, with various pictures of a robin in the background. some of the images are zoomed in and pixellated.


Photograph of a white person with pink dyed hair sleeping. You can only see their face, as they are covered by a pink quilt with strawberries on it. Their head is resting on a white pillows with blue stars. The sun is shining on their face, they look peaceful.

Taking pics of my partner when they're not looking

Square photograph of an embroidery hoop. The hoop contains a white mesh fabric with large holes. In the top right, there is the start of a piece of embroidery. The shapes are abstract, with yellow, purple and red shapes merging together. You can see behind the fabric, where the hoop has been rested on a brightly coloured quilt, whilst they are working on it.

Finally started part of a collaboration i have been putting off for months

A painting of a body sitting down. The figure is naked, and they are wearing a bunny ear hat. The painting is in shades of red, blue and yellow and is bright. there are also lines of white where crayon had been used. The paper is quite crinkly from the painting process.


Photograph of a dyed print onto white fleece fabric. The print is of a monstera plant, it is green and with lots of large leaves, and is in a bright red pot.

Shared joy with Jo