Anna Sebastian

two women draw back to back in red inside a parallelogram

parallelogramatron TV. A collaboration

Painting of a man walking towards cars


Clay figures laid on a table in pink lighting. A cyan circle is drawn on top.

zodiac experiments

Klossowski was a member of the college of sociology, an organisation set up by Georges Bataille in Paris looking to investigate the role of the sacred within the modern world. I have frequently imagined representing the college of sociology as a memory palace, with the images on the walls representing the discussions that took place here. This is one such imagining. Klossowski was a writer, but also a painter. He often painted pastel nudes. I found his nudes problematic, and this sketch includes these paintings on the walls and table of the room.

Pierre Klossowski in the College of Sociology

A Bright pink skeleton child is running on black ice carrying an egg-shaped green and black rock. A setting moon and an emerald city is on the horizon and large clouds are above him.

Uranus 150 x 120cm oil on paper

An image of a man with the head of a crocodile, in a boat. He passes between crystal rocks into the maelstrom of the ocean. 
The colours are a black/blue ocean, grey clouds in the distance, lilac rocks and black and green man and boat.

Neptune work in progress 150cm x 130cm, oil on paper

A short poem about writing a poem on an I phone notebook screen.


what I could fit on my screen. Various types of symbolic twin. The Marassa of Haitian Vodou, the Pandrogyne project of the late Genesis P Orridge, illustrated by me, and the Androgyne of Plato


burning curiosity

Pandora's box

The start of a painting. twins by a mountain.


Tiny painting, a red child sitting on a tiger. oil on canvas.

Tiger Tiger