Amelia Daiz

Bio: Multi-disciplinary artist and writer currently investigating place, value, nature and walking

Instagram: @ameliadaiz

A swirling line form painted in an orange colour. The background or negative space to this form is painted brown. Both colours are made from different types of mud.


many fragments of old pottery arranged on paper in a mosaic style rectangle, in a colour gradient from white to yellow to green to blue.

Sherd Spectrum

Photograph of a pathway through some woods. Written over it with a digital pen the words 'walking back to myself'

Walking back to myself

Illustrations with labels. Mug with steam, label reads have a cup of tea. A plant pot with seedling, label reads buy a plant. A book, label reads read a nice book. A pie, label reads cook or bake for fun not necessity. A long tailed tit, label reads spot some wildlife. A sitting dog, label reads spend time with a pet. A winding path with trees, label reads go on a walk. A standing bathtub, label reads take a long bath

Selfcare Sunday

Two sketches side by side of a man and a woman, walking. View point is behind them. Inkpen on paper.

Drawing walking

Portrait drawn in mud

Harry in mud

Map of a daily walk from a birds eye perspective.  Shows the walk going through lanes and field and crossing streams to return in a rough loop to the carpark. Lists personal landmarks: 'sparrows', 'little eegrit', 'crayfish', 'bluetit pole', 'buzzard', 'robin territory', 'pipe hunting', 'pond', 'smokers den', 'fallen tree', 'mandarin ducks', 'lollys bath', 'mr +mrs blackbird', 'Ben's jump molehills', 'lollys stone supply'. Black ink pen on paper

A Daily Walk

Text on blue background: when I am down I fantasize about walking really far.just setting off one day and walking all the way to the sea. I once figured out from google maps that theoretically I could walk all the way to the sea from my house stopping at friends houses on the way.if I didnt mind walking along motorways.but.hypothetically it was possible.the idea of being able to get to the sacred space that i find the beach is, on my own steam, is strengthening.i would like to walk and talk and walk and watch and walk and capture all the things that change In the external and internal

I want to walk

prints taken directly from collected leaves in pink, blue, purple, turquoise and yellow. Acrylic on white paper

spring not so greens

prints in different shades of green of various leaves, showing the textures and veins of the leaves. using acrylic paint on white paper.

Spring Greens; A Collaboration with Nature

Photograph of legs from mid thigh to mid shin in blue denim jeans. The knees of the jeans have holes in showing knees through. An eye is drawn in black ink pen on each knee.

See with your Knees

Digital collage including a loose sketch of myself sleeping with a hoody on under a duvet. This is partly transparent and the background is a screenshot of leaves of bread. Some text on a baguette reads 'today I dont want to get out of bread'


Etching plate, made from aluminium with black ink in the etching. Image is a loose sketch of a woman and a horse, made by walking and drawing at the same time.

Walking drawing etching

Sketch of an outside table including crushed drinks cans, rizzla packet, a plate and an ashtray

With social distancing of course

Two pieces of paper on a red table. One has a screen printed yellow star on it. The other is the used screenprint stencil

Useful art part 2

A polystyrene printing plate with a flower design etched into it. In the background is a collection of relief printed greetings cards.

Useful art part 1

Two kitchen lithography prints in black ink. One square print in the top left hand corner reading 'walk the walk'. One portrait print in the bottom right hand corner of a winding pathway into the distance.

Walk the Walk

Walking Thoughts

Illustrations showing imagined tools for walking. drawing of a dice with right, left and spin showing on the three visible sides. text reads a dice with directions on. drawing circular board with a spinner on split into eight sections they are labelled follow a sound, right, left, spin, run, stop, hop and climb. text reads a spinner with instructions. drawing of a pair of boots with buttons and aerials on them. text reads electric automatic walking boots. drawing of a ball of string. text reads magic string that unravels your route. a drawing of a bird. text reads a friendly bird to guide you.

Tools for Walking

Black ink marks on white paper. The marks are abstract scuffs, scrapes and shapes and quite symmetrical. The marks are made by tap dancing with shoe polish on paper.

A Shirley Temple

a multicoloured square of abstract watercolour painting, mostly green, with splashes of red. A symbol or sigil in black paint is large in the centre of the square. The sigil is a witchcraft technique symbolising adventure.