Eryka Bitka

Bio: Hi I'm 19 years old girl loving creating

Instagram: @erykabitka_art

Painting of a lady in black and white

No name

The painting of heart with a tent

The tent inside you

Few of lemons on sheet painted on a box. Higher you can see the color swatches


Graphics on computers, Depicting Two Women Dressed in office clothes on the Fruit Background

Meanwhile the school break

Painting of a dog in the clouds background

Painting on the attic takes me to different world

That a drawing of women writing in the salon with her cat  under the table. Everything is rather shaky

I'm not sure if I understood the brief today

A photo of street in spain

I would paint something with this as a background

A photograph of painting decorated with pink feathers and leafs

More commercial?

The photo of sketching notebook with draw sketches of house

Project of a ruin


The process

I black lady on a colored background


It's a photo of a hand with little lights

Lights and shadows

Close portret of me draw with pencil

Autoportret / self portrait

Two bottles one pink one green in a close up

Still not ended

Some crazy stuff all over the place

When you research all day

In the picture there is a hare curled up. There are plants around it, the horizon line. It is all painted with black ink

Terribly sad hare(not on purpose)

You can see a figure bending over a cup of tea. It is a girl with closed eyes sitting at the table. She is wearing a short T-shirt and has one hand resting her chin

appreciating what I have makes me happy