Marta Ptaszkiewicz


Instagram: @paintingtomusic

Photograph of dry palm tree leaves with strong contrasts, forming figure-like shapes,  on a blue sky background

chasing time

Photograph of peels of orange carrot, white parsnip and beige potatoes placed on a freshly painted blue, wet paint paper, creating chaotic patterns.

making art while making soup

Photograph of tree roots coming out and intertwined with the concrete and stone wall.


wishful thinking

Black line drawing - contours of a face profile, a mountain and some curvy flowing lines with an ink planes , in black and white and grey

postponed dinner with friends

Drawing of contours of a face profile, a mountain, a lizard, hands with a horizon line of sea with a yellow and purple highlights

dinner with friends

Photograph of a boiled egg with partly crushed shell with overlaying layer of yellow colour and a smiley face emoji, on a black background.

yellow smile

Photograph of a conical shaped flame of a burning incense cone, placed on a patterned hand made incense holder plate , on a dark background


Abstract painting with horizontal pale ochre smudges over the purple and black curved lines and streaks of light blue


Photograph of colourful, patterned, hand painted paper cut out butterflies

home trap

Photograph of colourful , patterned , hand painted cut out paper butterflies


Abstract painting of red paint vertical flows with some dark brown textures


Photograph of a messy art studio floor - paints, glue, solvents, brushes, fragments of paintings, easel, canvases

show up

Photograph of a boiled egg with cracked shell with the egg white visible in one of the cracks. Dark background.

In search for roots

Photograph of a grey clouded sky


abstract painting of blue, black and pale brown smudges and some light reflections in a pool of wet paint

mixed media and light

Various coloured threads intertwining on a dark background.connect