Sara Sonas



Can't cheat sudoku

Photo of my books and tax return papers

How did you know?

Online Shopping

Some ink and spilt Chinese herbal drink on paper


Ink and acrylic on graph paper

Contemplation Doodle

Pigmented ink on paper

Waiting . . .

Ink, charcoal, pastel and markers on watercolour paper

No Déjà Vu

Ink, charcoal, pastel and markers on watercolour paper

Park Collab ~ Daydream

Ceramic relief painted over with green acrylic paint.

Artificial Landscape

Small installation of formed wire and moss


Sketch of a plant, dog and a branch

Mr Angry Looks - Not dog accessible

A study of impatient man and a dog

Motion Confusion

Origami - paper in forms of birds

Pigeon Origami

Organic form made of clay. In the background two pieces made few days ago.


Attempt to draw with moss blended with buttermilk.

Still struggling

Moss formed in a spherical shape

BIOME - how the ecosphere breathes

Textured clay cube sculpture

Brick Magic

Organic sculpture made of clay.

Tertium Organum II

Organic form sculpture made of clay

Tertium Organum