An image of a code poem with the text:  let noReturnsAccepted = {

	real: “itchy kitchens and wry courgettes”,
	still_dreaming_about_getting: more cherry 			blossom juice”,
	data: {
		userName: “melancholic pasta”,
		friends: [“Ominous_tombola33”, “slant surrender”],
	quantumStates: {
		nimblePreamble: “a watch tired of 		           waiting”,
		soFullOfJargon: “collapsed clouds”

No returns accepted

abstract image of many blurry, fuzzy circles

The annihilation of punctuation

A virtual room. the walls and floor have a swirling pattern. there is a sphere near the "ceiling". to the middle-left are several phrases hovering in the air. the text says:
tender plant life
and other curiosities
become the monsoon-soaked
elements of our existence

tender plant life

Animation on a loop with a virtual environment consisting of a box. The viewer constantly moves closer to the back wall of the box. The walls and floor are covered in a swirling pattern.

Some bacteria make everything taste sweeter

The image consists of a fence surrounding a tennis court with tennis balls pushed into the openings of the  fence. The tennis balls spell out a word that's in mirror image. The word might have been "week" but some balls are missing.

*based on true events

a virtual environment with to the left an abstract humanoid figure standing on a rectangle, to the right an image of an upside-down chair "hovers" above the ground area.

correction: Goofy Venus

A virtual environment divided in half horizontally. To the left, there are three thin, upright columns standing side by side. They look like they're partially submerged in "water".

Future computers

Code poem. The text reads: function paleGrass() {

console.log(“the rain is extra-crispy”);



An animation of two images alternating. One image is on a dark background and reads "pixels". The other image is on a light background and reads "kissing".

Kissing pixels

An image of a poem consisting of a javascript snippet: 
let farfetchedView = {

	so_modern: “learning a language that no one speaks”,

	unabashed_01: “the books in the background are tired of being flowers”,

	subversive_work: “writing letters to your future self”


Code Poem II

A virtual environment with, to the left, five long, thin rectangles standing up; to the right, a rectangle with an abstract image floating above the "ground".  Above all these objects is a phrase that reads: "stay soft and sleek". The sky of this environment is the same pattern as the abstract image.

Stay soft and sleek

code poem"/", function(req, res){
            const tender_renovations = req.body.archivalSplendor;
            const RainFlavouredSnow = req.body.theImportanceOfSymbolism;

            const _lunarMoisture = new Sculpture({
              name: tender_renovations

Code Poem I

A virtual environment populated by a 3D abstract figure (made up of 5 or 6 petal-like shapes). The figure stands on a rectangular plane (similar to a carpet) and to the right of the figure is an image that seems to hover.

Goofy fetish

A gif showing a virtual environment with a rectangle lying on the ground. A sphere floats above the rectangle (to the left) and a donut-shaped object, to the right, is slowly turning around its own axis.

Resistance is futile/fine /fiddly - (Delete as appropriate)

A virtual environment divided in two.  Four large donut-shaped objects are placed in the environment. Two are floating, the other two are placed in the bottom half of the environment.

A unique political vocabulary

A virtual environment with an open cube in the middle that has a large sphere inside.

It's the naivete that will wreck your lightbulb moments

A virtual environment with a large cylinder to the left and a sphere to the right. 
A rectangular plane lies underneath these objects. 
Two long, thin cylinders are lying on the plane and a third is perpendicular to the plane.

Magenta is the only absent colour - virtual reality installation