Stephanie Grainger

Bio: Drawing, animation and visual metaphor to enlighten the darker sometimes forgotten aspects of life.


Animated birds two birds in grey and white one is animated so that its head dips up and down.


An iPad drawing of a group of storks in grey and pinks on a green ground.


An iPad drawing of on Indian antelope natural greys and browns on a pink ground

Indian Antelope

A procreate drawing of a monkey grey on a green ground. The monkey opens and closes his eyes and his tail twitches and his hand clasps/

monkey animated

iPad drawing of male and female peacock, stylised to emulate Indian miniature on mid slate blue background.

procreate drawing of peacocks emulating Indian miniature style

Image taken from Indian miniature of a tiger orange white and black on green ground.

procreate tiger

A procreate drawing of a landscape with grey and buff mountain ranges and trees and shrubbery. Slightly stylised like an Indian miniature.

Indian Landscape

A mish-mash of colours taken at random from an Indian miniature landscape. Mostly browns greens and oranges with the words Tomorrow I will get to grips with colour tools on procreate here is a start.  These colours were from an Indian landscape miniature.

Colours from India in procreate

An abstract iPad drawing using isometric patters mostly pink and blue with a pale yellow hand drawn circle.

yesterday's drone

Geometric patter of triangles arranged on a quadrant. Greys browns and blues. The image spins and then seems to rise. It is a very short animation.


A pastel drawing on the demolition of the church St. Elizabeth's with a sign made in procreate using shape control. Saying Land for sale Commercial opportunity.

St Elizaeth's using shape control.

A blurry flat sea view in natural colours blues greys and olive greens.

Seaview using eyedropper tool and reference/

An ink  drawing of a man in kitchen. The same figure is repeated in 3 different positions. The image is animated to the figure at the hob seems to be stirring the contents of a saucepan. Pink background feint grey colours.

3 Rays an animated drawing in procreate

This is a pattern made with lots of pale colours made up of a string of dots.

Brush studio - I made my own brush today

A colour photograph of trees from my window. I have used chromatic aberration in Procreate and this has made a rainbow halo round the trees branches. Overlaid are the words. Today I have used chromatic aberration. Go to adjustments and chromatic aberration. Pencil or layer mode. Not sure this will be any use.

Aberration view

An iPad drawing of a shell on a wooden shelf, in natural colours. The text overlaid in blue reads. This is really useful the reference tool. The text at the bottom right reads Go to actions- canvas- reference.

Shell using a reference.

An ink drawing of the statue of winged Victory in Eastbourne. Treated in procreate by using gradient masks on three layers to provide a purple colour on her gown and a golden colour on wings and sword.

Winged victory using gradient masks

Drawings of trees in Procreate layered on top of each other. Blacks and browns and greys mostly line drawings.

Layers of trees

drawing of 2 guitars repeated three times horizontally, first black and white, second brown and blues, third black and white but slightly different version

3 x 2 guitars practice with clipping mask

A collage of 2 drawings in chalk and pastel. Several  images of the face of King Lear in different scales and angles and one self portrait in negative. Mostly black and white with touches of yellow.

Crop and resize Me and King Lear.

An portrait shaped  iPad drawing,  graphic and symmetrical patterns overlaid on a busy background of grey and pink/

Procreate free experiment with drawing aid symmetry.