Gemma Boyd

Bio: Musician, poet, mixed media artist, organic allotmenteer.


Instagram: @gemmaboyd407

A wet and dry mixed media piece featuring coffee stains, felt-tip pen, pencil and coloured pencil leaves, sun, tendrils and birds in greens, purples, greys, yellows and pink (created by joining up the coffee dots). This is overlaid with neon blue squiggly lines that represent water. Written in black are the words of my poem, "Why do I feel so strongly the need to tell those who / outlive me what it was like to be a human on Earth; / to leave behind some great truth or warning or / overflow of celebration in music, words and art of / my experiences I would gladly forfeit for rest?"


people admire my honesty

A line of various seeds and packets of seed on a white A5 piece of paper with the words written in pencil, then circled around, “RANDOM ART GENERATORS.”


A square digital artwork. Ideas for my signature story as an artist are written in black with an iPencil onto a white background. Bits of it have then been crossed out, scribbled out, or suggestions for improvements added in bright red ink.

figuring out my signature story as an artist

Artwork by Gemma Boyd


A3 mixed media piece: Strong coffee was poured onto the page, and then I drew black pen outlines around some of the coffee splatter. I watercolour painted onto this areas of green land and water, scored in with coloured pencils of lighter blues and greens. The result is very visceral and territory-like.

Uncharted Territory


Mixed media collaborative artwork drawn on a used envelope: A partial ‘Delivered by Royal Mail’ square stamp in blue at the top right corner and a frog mottled in digitally coloured greens in the centre. It is surrounded by the coloured pencil outline in orange of a smiling sun in the top left corner, and the coloured pencil outline of two brownish smiling moons on either side. It is resting on dark blue streaked grass and there are lightly-drawn purple outlines of purple clouds in the sky. The word “LOVE” is written twice in bright red and pink.

‘Envelope Frog’ by Gemma Boyd and Janet Lee

An A5 mixed media collaborative artwork by Gemma Boyd and Janet Lee: In the centre is a big white heart with the word, “Love” written in bright red felt-tip pen at its centre. In the top left is a half moon digitally coloured in cream, and at the bottom right is a digitally coloured bright yellow sun with its rays radiating into the heart. The background is a black sky, created with black coloured pencil and tiny photos of Tigger the cat have been made into stars with fine silver digitally coloured lines comimg off them.

‘Life’ by Gemma Boyd and Janet Lee

305 mm x 229 mm C Type Fuji Matt, carbon neutral photo print of a display of vibrant red, and yellow California poppies with dark green foliage in front of a rectangular radiator mirror the length of the display. In the background is a greenhouse, pallets, a fish tank, an allotment shed, a pot of lighter green mint in lilac flower and small pink roses. It costs £40.

Poppies, 2019 (305 mm x 229 mm / Photo Print (C Type) Fuji Matt / Carbon Neutral / £40)

A Promotional Video

A square photograph split in half horizontally, of an experiential art installation of allotment pallets from different perspectives. One pallet is empty; one full of compost but with nothing growing in it, and one containing thyme. There is a plastic grey chair and tree stumps to sit on, a pair of gardening gloves and a trowel for planting whatever takes one’s fancy using the surrounding allotment. A window frame and radiator mirror accentuate the theme of squares and rectangles.

Pallets and Compost (experiential allotment art installation for people who suffer from depression)

A4 mixed media in portrait view: droplets of bright blues, oranges, browns, greens, purples, reds and yellows in watercolour surrounded by pencil markings on one half of the paper are reflected in a faded form on the other half. In the centre is a white circle filled with all the thoughts and feelings I had (written on top of each other in black pen) as I created this work.

Feedback from my Inner Self

Mixed media: a mobile of stitched paper circles and cut-out squares created with white paper, burnt orange and burgundy waxed thread and glue. The mobile is hung at different angles from three separate windows looking out onto spring scenes of flowers on my allotments.

Stitching the Wind

A black and white photo of the corner of my left breast and bruised left arm, with a bar code stamped on the breast. Below the bar code are the typed words in black, "I don’t feel guilty about any of my pleasures since Brexit and COVID-19“

Guilty Pleasures

A4 pencil drawing: Geometric circles, triangles and hexagons with cartwheels of dark and lighter green leaves shaded using coloured pencil.


Mixed media piece with digital enhancement. A list entitled ‘Research’ typed in black, followed by bullet points: “given action versus perpetual wetness; indescribable enhancement; surprise tearing not a juncture of arrivals and departures; imposing feats of spiritual architechture felt sharply on the skin; the uncoloured; urgent objects versus temporal sound; causal intensity; a touch not an accumulation; price not divine payment; feeling time; accidental revelation; a potential versus a shout; bodily by-product not a pause; global sensation; containers versus props for relaxation.”


A gif: a digitally created red rose with dark green leaves tumbles from the left into a white square. Then the words, "Believe in you! - Me" written in green, tumble from the right into the space underneath.

Artists' Tool

A3 mixed media piece created with compost, blue grape hyacinth, pencil, colour pencil and water. Out of the swirls of mud at the base of the work, numerous lengthy tendrils with new leaves on them grow towards a sky of muddy fingerprints. Marks that look like birds’ feet and flowers appear sparingly in the background. There is a lot of white space.


A4 mixed media drawing on paper using pencil, colour pencil, biro and felt-tip pen. In the background is a grey geometric flower pattern drawn in pencil overlaid with pink breast-like lines. Also featured are green lines that morph into leaves. There is a small triangle of brown in the middle of the bottom of the drawing and larger sections of blue in the corners of the top portion.