Eleanor Turnbull

Website: https://www.eleanorturnbull.org

Instagram: @norajelly

Three photographs side-by-side, each of the impression that a twig has left in the dried up ground.

Stick-in-the-mud moulds

A photograph of an alginate cast with plaster mother-mould onto limpet covered rocks. The sea and a giant rockpool in the background.


A photograph of a mug on a lawn. The mug is abnormally big and made out of white everlast socks, stitched together.

Everlasting Mug

A poster for an exhibition titled 'When Was the Last Time You Saw the Sea?'. The background is an image of the sea, text in pale yellow, with the list of artists in vertical text.

When was the last time you saw the sea?

cow jackets

A photograph from above of two alginate casts of a shrunken cliff face and a plaster pour inside a clay wall. Arranged on top of a messy wood laminate table m.

Shrinking rocks

A photograph of a rockpool filled with pink alginate. Taken from above so that you can see my shoes.

Taking this rockpool home with me

A hand drawn diagram of a silicone mould with a jesmonite jacket. The mould cavity is labelled ‘everything unsaid’

A mould that makes a lot of noise

A photograph of 11 cuttlefish bones arranged on a sheet of brown crinkled paper, on top of a wooden table. To the right are a collection of tiny driftwood sticks, fish bones and a plastic tag.

Beach haul

Mum and Dad, The Garden walk-through

A digital collage. Two plaster jackets and one alginate pour have been cut out of the landscapes they were made in and arranged on a pale yellow background. The first jacket looks shell-like and is the biggest, hovering above the other two. The alginate is flat and pink and the last jacket is flat and square-like.

Landscape jackets

Home Stick

A digital drawing of a spoon replicated many times to look like a wallpaper pattern. Spoons are grey and the background is turquoise.

spoon-game wallpaper

A photograph of a house with two windows. Each window has a white sheet of paper shaped like a mitten hanging out of it, attached to each other by a length of wool.

Mitten Strings

A collaged pebble in the middle of a white page. The pebble is dark grey with a light grey streak through it. Three digitally drawn spoons hover around it, along with several digital brush strokes that look like unfinished drawings of spoons.

eat the pebble

A photograph of a 3 part silicone mould. The 3 parts have been separated and placed on a concrete surface. The silicone is mint green and millennial pink. The mould is of a spoon, the spoons bowl is shaped like a tiny rockpool.

3-part mould

A diagram of a sand mould for metal casting. The mould cavity in blue shows the coastline of Prussia Cove. The bottom half of the mould box is green, so that the whole thing looks like a map.

Casting Prussia Cove

A photograph of a man standing on a wooden deck in a garden landscape. He holds a pale green cast of a puddle with a dove-tail edge, in front of his body so that only his legs can be seen.

A Walking Puddle

A photograph of a plaster jacket/ mother-mould from above. The background has been replaced with block white.

Jacket II

A photograph of a square shaped plaster jacket, taken from above. The background has been removed and is completely white.