Lisa Muten

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Instagram: @ljmuten

It’s a photo of a small pine cone in the sunlight on a paint worn box next to a pink plant pot in front of a green bottle but really it’s an ancient miniature creature emerging from hibernation.

Looking at Things in the Light

A close up photo of a dense growth of bamboo with sunlight slithering through.


Sunlight on a lawn, at the top of the image is the bottom half of an orange mesh fence, its blurry and pixelated, it lacks definition, its dreamlike and painterly.


Two adjacent boxes with various well used oil paint tubes in, one box of redone box of blues.

Reds and Blues

A manipulated photo of the edges of 4 spiral bound books creating two overlapping crosses layered over an image of a reflection in a sunglass lense mirrored and repeated 4 times.

Spiral Bound (Self Portrait)

What Goes Around

A photograph of thick spine diary on its side wedged between two surfaces of differing blue shades. The grey marks of the months on the leaves step from cerulean to Prussian blue.

Twelve Steps

A P A V A L O V A  in lemon yellow in a pale pink square, 2 rows of 4 letters.

A Pavlova

An abstract photo with two pink lines marking boundaries on a sunlight floor.

Dog Coot Kebab

Sun streams through a multi panel window creating linear shadows on a paint spattered wood studio floor with pink tape delineating boundaries.

Good to be Back

14 images of a painting of a man lying repeated in a layout of 2 columns by 7 rows in A4 can be printed onto sticky labels

Lying Man Labels

A patch of green turf in a brown rectangle frame on an orange background.

The Green

A T-square balancing on a roll of brown tape balancing on a nail in the wall with a bulldog clip behind the roll hanging open on the same nail open.

Display Tools

A square image with photos of yellow spring flowers merged together with the words typed over in yellow 'A BIT MORE YELLOW'


A painted plant silhouette, sketched squares in raw umber oil paint brushed onto the rear of a glass pane, leaning against a first floor window.

Raw Umber Light

Light waves separate along the wall into their rainbow spectrum. The shadow of objects lost in their display.


Dark skies, twilight,  a storm brewing out at sea, the last light of day reflected in the sea and near pool. 
Oil on canvas board.

Winter skies

The sticky fresh bud secures the soft white feathers in their free fall. Fauna and flora adjoined for a moment.
#research #morningwalk


The twine tightly wraps around the wooden hinge to bind with a knot, to bandage the break with an optimism of healing. A life prolonged.


Morning mindfulness, calm, balance snd joy


Middle Aisle

Form and function