Bio: Toronto | Analog collage artist

Website: https://www.flanzella.com

Instagram: @flanzella

Striped chairs looking out over trees with circles of different patterns in the sky

Beach Side

Self Care PSA

wall of TVs w a man in the background, a tv floats with a butterfly and a flying goat.

The Man

Sheet of music with a person walking on a boulder that says "love" upside down

Wedding Day

Lady lying down smiling talking on the phone in tights, turkey flying over to cover most of er body

Turkey Moon

Women in red and black dresss standing in front of an odd home. Background is a music sheet. There are rubber gloves coming out of the notes and a cut out silhouette of the woman to the left. Text reads “don’t leave home without us”

Shadowed home

Collage with vintage illustrated women, 3 circles, and wording

A Winter’s Night

Buiiding behind a women's cut out face

Knowledged Towers

Lightning bold with a bat flying on top of the large bolt. ripped paper.

Bat Strike

Large bold text saying "Epic" Then another piece reading "peace of mind", two headed person blindfolded with a white t-shirt in a dark room cut out below

Epic Peace of Mind

Is it too late?

Black and white photo of a father and mother holding their baby. the background is black and the text reads "It's not much but it's all we've got"

It's not much but it's all we got

Text says "borrowed lady" in a sans serif font. The piece is made up three bodies of abstract angles. On the right, a chinese woman illustration, Top left is a mans hands on a bench passing something. On the bottom left is a woman's legs with a hand on them.

Borrowed Lady

Back and white magazine cut outs of female models with pink water colour blobs as hair

Faces in phases

Background image of ambiguous pyramid, woman in a red dress with a bullseye as a head

Ugliness is Tolerable

Vintage dress pattern catalog pieces cut out, women in brown dress

Fashion Cuts II

Analog collage piece.  The background is an illustration of war planes crashing in the sky. The foreground is a couple sitting on a floral patterned couch smoking a cigarette. The words below read "If you could really hear his heart, doctor...

If you could really hear his heart, doctor...