Marina Nimmo


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Celebrating the mundane, using the everyday routine of cooking to inspire work...

To consider using anything, even spaghetti

I was once asked on my MA FINE ART course why I had to actually make anything ..... this image reflects the space that my installation once occupied .........

Why make anything at all?

True to our word! Thanks to this project we actually met in person! Inspiring, wonderful day with the most wonderfully talented Demeter Dykes x

Working lunch?

It’s Sunday..... enough said

Thinking about admin....

Collection of images taken after each significant shift within the development of this painting.

Bit of journey

Capturing light through the banisters whilst waiting for washing to finish! This is something that I love to do and then develop into more abstract paintings. I love being inspired my the mundane and routines of the everyday

Domestic illuminations

Hampstead Heath

A natural path of least resistance

I saw Demeter’s post for the brief today and I miss working with her (we did our MA Fine art together ....) so I suggested we think of creating something together...this is the start....of something!

The Collaborateurs

Yesterday’s decayed sculpture reincarnated as possible garden wall installation


Inviting nature to transform the work....

Natural collaborations

Sketches for new series of lino reduction prints of Spurs Stadium.


Much needed Renovations

New lines

Inviting my daughter to explore one of my installations at Chelsea College of Art

Falling down the rabbit hole

Honestly, I just don’t think the original image is strong enough/ you’re not really doing yourself any favours with the angles and stuff, but I love the colours and textures

Take colour and run!

No need to intervene and disturb what has already been made....job done!

Morning view from window....Job done!

Love working with everyday objects.... 
condom, plaster, radiator

Keeping things playful

I’m quite haunted by these ceramic figurines..... I know I need to work with them in some way....

I don’t what it is about you....

Could spend the rest of my life happily exploring this place....

Might need wifi - might not.....

Keeping things simple today...

Making the most of Local produce

Capturing the abundance of colours - an insane challenge - i have never seen the landscape change so dramatically - a complete joy!


Hand coiled ceramic sculpture now reincarnated as an outdoor yoga mat holder. This brief has finally made me install it exactly how I always wanted it - on a wall - and now it has more than one purpose!

Yoga mat holder?