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I’m more of a visual person so asking me to document my work isn’t easy. However looking at this photograph, that I took yesterday, I love the way I’ve captured the anemone looking away and very natural. My photography is very important to me and I love it when I manage to capture reality 🌱

Capturing Nature

I created this today whilst virtually watching Adam’s funeral. So strange - so unreal - such a waste. Rest In Peace beautiful Adam - you touched so many lives 🙏

Adam - a life too shortly lived

Absolutely take the path of least resistance!
Using one of my favorite photographs from this time last year. I love the beauty and the isolation of this scene. It was a wonderful 5am walk on the beach at low tide. It reminds me every time of how lucky I am to live here and be able to experience such beauty even in a pandemic.

The path of least resistance

Don’t make anything - I want to!

Now framed - yesterday’s photograph. I love it

The sun will rise again

Working in collaboration with my printer today, to ensure the quality of my photography is honored and enhanced by printing. I just love the feel of a good quality paper and even when framed, makes all the difference.

Paper quality is important!

Channelling Van Gogh today at Art Brunch - 40mins to hear about an artist and then create your own work. Van Gogh’s multi strokes and bright colours are beautiful to see but amazingly difficult to copy 😊

Channelling Van Gogh today

Most of my work’s from home these days, but that’s ok. I enjoy the solitude of me, acrylic paint and the radio! Trying still life again today...

Bluebells from home (from my photograph)

I love the contrast of the fresh vibrant Spring leaves next to the old weathered Victorian railing. I hope the viewer will notice the juxtaposition of the two subjects and wonder at both

Old and New

Ive been thinking about it for ages and finally started selling my photographs on-line today. Gilly has been suggesting that I do this for months, so now that I’ve actually done it I asked her for her feedback. Her comment is captured above and I have now ordered the sunset too now from the printers!

Started selling my photographs on-line today

Horses - gouache and poster paints - My Green Beauty

Wonderful Powerful Horses 🦄

My beautiful friend made me a mini Victoria sponge today, and along with eating way too much chocolate, more cake and a bit of wine I had a really enjoyable birthday even in lockdown 🍰 So my guilty pleasure today was 🎂😊🍰

Well it’s my birthday today 🍰

‘Is there a work you've been struggling to make?’
Throughout my art-life I’ve done still life but always through gritted teeth as I don’t like it 😬 Doing a still life again today to challenge myself - and making it even harder by using graphic sticks and colored pencils - has really seen me struggle for me, but maybe  I’ve come out the side, slightly...

Hard work - still life again!

Not my favorite, but believe that pushing myself will make me more observant and maybe less abstract... doing still life for me is ‘research’ into my own abilities 🍊

Easter Oranges

A bit of sun and a little loosening of the rules and everyone’s here... I went to take some photos - my passion - and was horrified by the crowds... I don’t think we’re ever getting out of this ☹️

Too many people visiting!

Painting Chakras today, I was drawn to painting the Solar Plexus - my gut instinct.  🟡🟡🟡
I love the vibrancy of this painting - feathers, gouache and acrylic on board 💛

Sunshine - Yellow - Vibrancy

My Easter Egg!

I cracked it!