Ieva Padane

Instagram: @ievapadaneartist

Documentation of the steps I do in the process of making concrete sculpture using GIF.

Concrete gif

Growing spring onions from onion put in water glass.


Cracked wood concrete/concrete cancer metaphor

It does not

Concrete wood

Concrete wood

Crayons on paper! Collaboration with my 15 months old daughter Emilia.

Same just different

Crayons on watercolour paper. Collaboration with my 15 months old daughter Emilia.

Over in the meadow

Collagraphy print using textured materials like pasta, cous cous, thread put into frame, which makes it more commercial.

Mounted limited edition collagraph print 2019

Rye bread with butter is my home at home! I am Latvian who lives and works in England for more than 10 years! When I miss my home, food is the nostalgia which reminds me of tastes, feelings, textures! Rye bread evokes these feelings and brings me back to my homeland!


Adding the light evokes completely different mood - more intimate. It also brings out the beauty of the textures.


Pencil on paper 
Transferred image/fragment of the shed’s wooden wall using A4 paper and pencil.


Moving image/giff. Journey outside the window, freedom.


Pickles dancing on a green textured background, pickles - my guilty pleasure


Wood stamped concrete painting/sculpture experiment

Concrete wood

Digital collage of secondary research of a raw surfaces of concrete form work from Brutalist architecture

Béton Brut

Two sandpaper hand cut-outs of the artists hands/palms;
As a tool to polish concrete sculptures;

Sandpaper palms

I love cooking so by accident I have transformed this cabbage into sculpture  
Red cabbage cut in to the form of quadrangle

Red Cabbage

Painting/sculpture/object/piece of architecture 
Concrete on canvas