Instagram: @bigbouncingtiddys

image showing that I ike fog

was trying to make ydays tree blink

image of a knot in a tree trunk which is overlaid with an eye

it winks

biro drawing of figures and a donkey pissing all embodying looseness.

drawing thoughts, not ideas

pass 3

on bus


fuzzy phone image of person taking off t-shirt revealing a stuffed bra
image is a selfie but cropped so that only th t-shirt and bra and abdomen are in view

trying sthg on

linear, simple traced drawing of a bit of grafitti depicting an ugly angel

stolen angel

image of graffiti in Glasgow showing a funny angel with bulbous head

good angel



Daffodils in the headlight of a car in a broken planter.

daffodils in car headlight outside of what the fudge

Selfie in bathroom mirror. Phone and selfie taker are visible. Water droplet on mirror looks like tear from eye of the selfie taker but is obviously water

(revisiting old ideas)

Hand made looking embroidered patch. Red textile with the wonky letters saying CT911202 on it. This is another alias of Charlotte's.

CT119202 Patch made for Charlotte

photo of fucked up embroidery

sewing nightmare #100000000000000000fml

image of person sleeping in pink sheets

still from unsuccessful sleep experiment

cropped image, narrow and long, showing a performer with hands and legs touching the floor with their neck compressed and pushed against the ground, looking uncomfortable

anya experimenting cropped

phone photo of a cluster of wood on a swamp that appears to resemble a human figure

swampy by mum and dad


fuzzy, low resolution image showing foamy toothpaste spit going down the bathroom sink plug hole. the image has been photoshopped to add little doodles of creatures and words made out of spit that are gathered around the plug hole.