Johanna Bolton


Instagram: @johanna.bolton

A clutch of finger-like fabric sculptures held in one hand, photographed against a concrete wall

Collective organisation no:19

A photograph of a stone wall where square stones with variable size have been fitted together perfectly

Collective organisation no:18

Three chunky triangle shapes arranged in a cluster against a black background. The sides have different colours and patterns- pink, blue lines and red grids on white

Collective organisation no:17

Two mattress size rectangles intersecting- arranged like a cross. Some sides are white, some have red lines or red grids.

Collective organisation no:16

One white rectangle balances on two identical  rectangles organised in a wedge formation.

Collective organisation no:15

Three white rectangle shapes arranged in a triangle, on a black background

Collective organisation no:14

A row of paper squares arranged in a spiral tube formation

Collective organisation no:13

Nine images of variants of loops, made by joined white paper squares. The background is black.

Collective organisation no:12

White, flat irregular shaped squares fitted together like a sheet of paper, arranged in folds on a black background

Collective organisation no:11

White bendy crosses in tube-formation, from top, on a black matte background

Collective organisation no:10

White crosses with bendy arms arranged in a tube formation, photographed against a matte black background

Collective organisation no:9

White crosses with angled legs joined together to make an angular plane, black background

Collective organisation no:8

black and white image of handle-bar like shapes stacked into pillars

Collective organisation no:7

About 20 black, five-pronged shapes joined together into a ball

Collective organisation no:6

An U-form cardboard cut-out with added perpendicular boards forming crosses (or squares) at interjunctions

Collective organisation no:5

Multiples of an asymmetric shape cut out in white paper have been arranged into a large 6-fold symmetric pattern on the floor.

Collective organisation no:4

close up of the sides of two white triangle shaped slabs that are joined together by stitches of hemp string

Collective organisation no:3

Three white unilateral chunky triangle shapes, joined together either by (depth-depth) vs (side-side), creating a standing shape

Collective organisation no:2

Black and white collage showing three different patterns made by arranging 5 spoke shapes

Collective organisation no:1