Rosemary Cronin


Instagram: @rosemaryjanecronin

A pink lipstick is cello-taped to the heel of a leatherette shoe

What do you stand for/on?

Screengrab of an iphone screen text reads 'the advice was to do a lot of internal work; which was vital'

Internal Work

A white car has the words 'CHEATER HOPE SHE WAS WORTH IT' sprayed in red spray paint all over the body of the car. A woman and man are seen looking and taking a picture.


An archway in a garden surrounded by branches and fairy lights

Fairy Garden archway

Ring with little light

Light Me Up on me

/brick wall with anarchist symbol spray painted in black

Anarchy in Maida Vale

Pink background with a hand with red nails and a ring with a light that light's up

Light Me Up

A screengrab of a notes section on an iPhone

Sleeping Beauty

A screen grab of a what's app conversation describing colour pencils coming to life

The crazy pencils came out to play... collaboration with my nephew

A series of screen grabs that form a poem

Collaborative Poem with my nephew before bed

A tote bag with an image of heels with pickles in them hangs on the back of a white modern chair with a plant at the side.

Viral Bag

Light from a mirror shines on a garden face with a rose bush doing shadow puppetry.


Drawing of a woman's face on a brown paper bag

Carry me

Text on screen reads "Choose Love X"

Choose Love X

A range of different variety of daffodils crowd at a sunny window

Flowers on the window

Large pink bubble writing text reads the word RUDE on a blue background


A cork wedge heel with various bits pinned into it (a receipt, some post it notes and a phone number), so that it acts like a notice board

I'm Working On My Shoe Line

Photograph of two daffodils, one is artificial and the other is a real flower

Vrai ou Faux

An image still of a women's face smiling with the text 'and so she lived hopefully ever after'


Text reads 
No longer being in pain would bring me so much joy;

To be free.

To be free of pain

Large graphic gameboy style text reads 'When I was younger I dreamed of being culture minister, but then I found out that ministers don't have any understanding about what they are in charge of.'

Culture Ministers don't know Culture