Russell Honeyman

Bio: Social artist


Instagram: @Raphaeldelamer

Three D flower shape with streaks of colour running through it. A daub of mixed paint on a grey ground.


Black ink splatter, horizon, posts. Pen and brush

Black sun beach day

Street art by Sinna one maybe- the word Disobey

Disobey by Sinnaone

Iron oxide


An artist takes their creation onto the high street and asks a friend to document public reaction


A white (ish) rabbit pauses for a moment to examine the Eye of Horus. Photo of a toy bunny and a drawing in a sketchbook.

Rabbit contemplates the mystery

Digital art. Photo of banksy street art “hope”, of girl reading heart shaped balloon, with digital edit creating the effect of a slashed skin revealing blood beneath. Mediation on self harm and cuts generally


Drawing of dancing shiva. Mixed media


A figure in a turbulent turquoise sea. Acrylic on canvas.

Between islands

Map of an imaginary island drawn by three persons. Coloured pencil on cartridge paper.

Three person map

Eye. Detail of oil painting

Eye of the storm

Minion leads mediation with forest sprites. Photo of toys on a bookshelf.


Spectral stage leaps suburban wall. Photo of whithy sculpture at night illuminated by street lamp


Photo of a Venus flytrap plant - attractive but deadly for the fly

Venus flytrap

Square poster, balck, red, green text reads: Free Julian Assange - Demo 11 April 2021 at Belmarsh Prison
2 years solitary confinement in UK jail  • No Charges against him • Julian Assange is a Journalist, and Founder of Wikileaks. Held without charge in UK jail since 2019Wanted in USA for telling Truth & Exposing War Crimes

Free Julian Assange

Photo of oil painting of photo. nude sitting on an African stool. She is balancing, eyes down. Reflections create the impression she is behind glass.

Inward Gaze (Europa)

Photo of oil painting of photo of girl doing her hair on a train

Last Summer

A red wave form imposed on green abstract noise texture. Photo of mixed media ink linseed oil and turpentine, flexible ruler, on grey board

Measuring Chaos

Panorama of Hove Sea front on a sunny day generated by digital camera tool.

Panorama tool


Digital art created in Photoshop. It has a texture the texture of old, dressed stone in warm browns and reds. A text-object "RESIST" set in italic sans serif face, is inscribed on stone, weathered but apparently still resisting the forces that would wear it down. The work references a work by Shepard Fairey that reads OBEY.