Luke Nichols

Instagram: @gobfingers

Blurred photo of a face.

Noise only


Photo of a tree in the park with a hole at the bottom of the trunk.

1st return

Something in your jaws

A drawing of a fairy like creature.

Sent from above

A photo of a blurred finger in the foreground, and tiles and a mirrored door in the background reflecting a door handle.

Back again

Photo of a tower block with a green figure drawing sat on the top.


Text that reads: 
A painting of a hooded figure in repose
A short story about an std flare up
A soft sculpture
A bold new work
A post it note
M. night shyamalans’ the village
A big mistake on a big mistake rubber
A nothing
A wig reveal

a wig reveal

Photo of the shadow of an outstretched hand on a bedroom wall, reaching upwards in golden evening light, fingers spread wide.


Pencil drawing of a smiley face with large teeth.


A comic strip drawn in pencil showing a person looking in the mirror and picking at a hole in their back, making it bigger.


A photo of the pavement with a green symbol spray painted on the ground.


A photo of a neon green puff sitting in pink blossom on tarmac.

With possible sun

A photo of a beetle made out of melted glue.


A photo of a paper Mac Donald’s bag sitting in the middle of the road.


Drawing of a large open mouth on a gold chocolate bar wrapper.

self sooth

A photo of a dry dirt path, with a line across it in green chalk and the word START.

Tried, but couldn’t

Light blue background with google search screen shots in the foreground, the wikipedia logo and photos of celandine, sage and nettles.


A painting in the foreground with nine bright green symbols painted on black. A photo of the pavement in the background with white spray paint framing the top and bottom of the painting.


A photo zoomed in on an industrial walk way on a tidal defence of a river.

Birds and Reeds

A photo of a melting white cross in front of an orange globe on a black leather background.