Astarte Cara


Instagram: @long_odyssey

An iridescent dream

Heaven or Las Vegas

candle branding

Candle Branding




Painting of Space





a zine

Changing States Zine Cover

Vinyl Record

Star/Boom Boom Vinyl Redesign

Astarte is modelling her fashion garment that she has made in this photo. She is a dual-heritage woman with caramel-brown  skin and bleach blonde thick hair which is tied up behind her ears. She is wearing a one-shoulder sleeve  top which is a prussian blue coulor and is made out of a light polycotton fabric. The sleeve is puffy and is cropped. She is also wearing big silver hooped earrings with vintage beads and checkered trousers that have a pattern of small blue and yellow checks on a white backdrop.

One Shoulder Top

A object that is shaped like a small hexagonal vase,  aysmetric at the corners. The object is functional and is designed to be a tooth brush holder, but has many different functions. The object has a  detailed brocade  pattern that is carved into the surface. The  tooth brush holder is a apple green colour which is mixed with small hues of pale purple and has slight baby blue undertones. This gives the object a weathered look. On the underneath of the vase the maker has used a blue pigment to marble the surface. The object is made out of jesmonite which gives the object a smooth finish.

Toothbrush Holder