Luis Ignacio Rodríguez

Bio: * the office years.... i´m an artist, a painter, yes. * foundation.... what am i * goldsmiths... performance * postgoldsmiths...TV * postcovid.... will collage save me?


Instagram: @montluisage @lewestv

East London urban scene against cloudy sky , tower blocks, and warehouses . In the horizon, St Paul’s dome appears in between two towers

Thanks for the advice IML

A collage in four horizontal bands, top to bottom , tree canopies, 50s pin up girls, human hair, more tree leaves

Here’s one I made earlier

Spreadsheet used to label works , with dates and plans, only moved across columns , and labels made transparent

Labelling System

A screenshot of where I keep Insta posts, labelled with emoji. 12 of them

Filing System

Some  ingredients for green lentils , from bottom left the pot for the casserole, cut out courgettes , the flesh of an onion cut out to reveal peppers , the gold from the olive oil , topped by a large courgette

Lentejas verdes

Torn words out of paper from yesterday’s work. On a pile on the carpet. Before being binned. You can still make out “make some art” but also the back of the paper reveals pics and words to learn the sound [x] in Spanish

The Spanish Teacher collage

A landscape photo of Random torn out bits of paper on a tray and a sofa pillow  with words written on them with a black marker, they sit near where they did  prior to the tearing, only you’d need time to make out it reads what I would (not) make : Today if I only have my words, a description of what I would me I do not know why I cannot put it into words, I thought I would make something expensive, that I could never afford, but I have no relationship with big expensive 3D collages mounted in Trafalgar Square involving urban furniture and cars so I guess today I would Freeeze (Art Fair)


A picture of a fridge. With ready made meals, and alcohol, and vegetables. Several filters are applied to make it look painterly 
Montaged onto the centre of the image are the cucumber and pepper, sharply defined against the blurred background.

A portrait, aka what’s in your fridge

A picture of three shelves in a fridge, strongbow cider, ready made meal , bagged vegetables, cucumber , pepper , strawberries , Pepsi . Cut out into shelves , lying around in a pyramid shape

A collab portrait

Two burly blokes (possibly homosexual) face the camera behind the door panes of the Greenwich tunnel lift, heads are those of the winner n finalist of U.K. Drag race .


My room, three window panes, each ones view if sky substituted with a high rise, psychos house, and a Victorian house. Whilst the inside is a distorted montage of inside shots , made unrecognisable, hopefully , because home

It’s outside, outside

Photo of table surface with cutting pad over which lies iPhone displaying collage of two images, top half is row of shops with blue sky , Bttm half traffic lights under motorway overpass (which lines with the cutting pad ruler)

Made on and for the phone

Image show two shots of a motorway, spliced together so the south side show between the railings of the north side view


My window looking onto a collage of other windows and other views

Hope it likes it

Podcasts have easy to identify covers, I’ve created a distorted tankeau of the ones I listen to, people can just about tell that I listen to podcasts in fRench Spanish history and American news and nothing about Britain


Looking up at a neoclassical triumphal arch, with its casing, there’s a figure looking suspended on air casting a shadow upwards , sky is some faded tiedie yellow pink

Upcast Shadow

25 cut outs arranged to cover full 1:1 screen , including houses, dolls , lighthouse, trees , my face, some random face, Antinoos, my desk , my studio, museum goer , st monica, a gas meter , Goya’s the dog, a building under construction , cologne town hall, me in a gold cap, an alien Aztec, sauce bottles, a dog, a painting of a man, the pope, maduro, pub, shop fronts and triumphal arch

25 Cut-Outs

A kaleidoscopic montage of the watermark name I made for my work, itself cover in the a rhomboid design made of my name, almost illegible

I made this

5 layered iphone collage, joining up 5 different city scapes, a street, a road,a lorry, a building under construction, a canal , a railway bridge, a bird and cranes under a cloudy Easter sky

Crane and Crane

iPhone Collage or should I say montage, the size of a smartphone screen
4 internet sourced images , all in colour, all photographs, 
3 cut outs of, in order, avocados inside a bullfight arena hovering over two hands opening up to scales 
mounted on two hands holding sand.

Avocado Arena