Richard Sunderland

Bio: Career artist / teacher, Stroke survivor, landscape artist, fascinated by the passage of time, history and geography. Most of my work starts from collecting sketchbook experiences, memories and photographs. The studio then becomes a place to reflect and revisit, in watercolour, acrylic, oil or in printmaking.


Instagram: @rsund59

Pre-Covid Art workshop0m in a local gallery responding to a sculpture exhibition. Graphite on paper.

Draw and draw some more

Best bits from my current canvas, acrylic and collaging with acrylic pouring medium to create layers. architectural elements from the canvas cityscape. Some areas of the canvas are over worked, certainly not yet catching fire, very possibly overstewed, not quite musty, but close to getting cut to shreds.

Chasing an Image

Acrylic on canvas, the black is acrylic in mixed with pouring medium using a stick or a pipettes with a wide nozzle to draw with. Tilting the canvas to get runs even spraying with water.

Untitled 700

Mixed media collage on paper, acrylic, graphite, torn elements from old pieces, text from TSEliot’s Four Quartets.

Found a thought then lost it

Mixed media collage, using text, image transfers, drawn lines, brush and finger painting, colour. The piece originate from a collaborative workshop.

There is always another.

Mixed media collage, a collaborative workshop where each participating artist contributed a starting point or visual element. Line, Text, Colour, etc..

Rhizome workshop.

A collection of images from previous days pieces. Exploring Square selections and cropping the best bits. seeing the potential for more intense looking within a piece of work. Looking for added value.

Make a Collection

A view through the window, the Venetian blind fragmenting the view and playing with the light and colours of the plants.

I work from home.

Collaged watercolour overdrawn with linear contour lines mapping shapes, allowing the imagination to be free to interpret. I see a figure looking at a distorted reflection in a window onto a landscape. You the observer have a right to look at my work and create your own interpretation / narrative.

Multiple view points

Imaginative abstract of two figures dreaming of being in a space, place together again. Watercolour, acrylic, collage, fine-liners, graphite.

Two figures Dreaming

Layered lines of different thickness, in watercolours, pens and pencil crayons. A sensory drawing of a rock formation.

Work for my window.

Acrylic on canvas, acrylic collage, image transfer, secured with pins, reds and oranges structural shapes with black and white  dry brushing to draw out the textures on the surface.

Untitled 521

Acrylic on canvas, with collaged tissue paper layered with pouring medium, detail of a larger canvas one of the bits I think is working. Currently I have been working on this for about 3 months. Keep painting out and only holding on to the best bits.

Untitled 125

Mixed media collage, collage is made from old drawings and paintings, followed by over drawing in pencil crayon and ink with watercolour. Researching media and then turning the composition into a portrait format as opposed to landscape. Forming a mental image of something not present. A cat looking out of a window behind a curtain.

What did the cat see, when it push aside the curtain?

Pan Scrub, Comb & Pipette, three of my favourite mark making and drawing tools, composed on a background exploring paint and corrugated card.

Pan Scrub, Comb & Pipette

Yellow light silhouette figurative form slanted and opposed to a curtain of ripples collaged element that goes back into another place or time.
Watercolours, chinese ink, indian ink pens, pencil crayon on paper. Exploring sight, touch and memory.

Untitled 2

Mixed media watercolour, pen and pencil crayon grey tones on white paper with linear expressive lines.