Elizabeth Challinor

Instagram: @elizabethchllnr


Day 16


Day 15

“Is it still the same” written in a diagonal zig-zag across the page, in alternating black and pink text. The top half of the background is pink with thin black stripes, and the bottom half is black with thin pink stripes.

Day 14

“Constantly thinking” written in half white, half lilac letters down the page, with a black, white and lilac tiled background.

Day 13

“It won’t go away” written in a bold font on a diagonal angle; with a half green/half red background.

Day 12

“FLOURISHING” Written in black writing in a curly line, with an orange and yellow striped background.

Day 11

A notebook page showing “trying to sleep” written in a large font, with a diagonally striped pattern, alternating between a black background with white text and an orange background with purple text.

Day 10

Looking for something

Written in bold writing in a loop around the page, the text colour alternates between being white and red, and the background is striped and alternates between black and pink.

Day 9

Forgot what I was doing 

In white bold writing, with a multi coloured tiled background

Day 8

So far from me 

In bubble letters with each word on different levels, with long coloured shadows dragging down to the end of the page.

Day 7

“Can’t make my mind up” written on a curved line, in alternating black and white text, on a green and white striped background.

Day 6 06/04

I’m struggling to make all of the work anyway,

In bubble lettering, with a wiggly purple and brown background.

Day 5 05/05

“I don’t really want to do anything today” written upside down in a square. The text is bold and thick and is coloured white, and the background of the square is dark green. The square is on the bottom half of the notebook page.

Day 4 04/04

A sketchbook page saying “falling behind” with the text split across 3 lines “FALLI” “NG BE” “HIND”

The square contain the text is split diagonally in half. The left half has a black background and light pink text, and the right half has a light pink background and white text with a thin, black outline. 

Below the square is the time the illustration was completed, 22.45pm.

Day 3 03/04

Things I Want To Knit

In black and orange writing going down the page in curved lines.

Day 2 02/04

The word “Purpose” written in bold, wide, turquoise-coloured font following a circular formation, with a black and white curved background.