Mimi Lanfranchi

Instagram: @mimilanfranchi

Square format painting leaning against a white wall. The floor is dark grey with paint splatters on it. The painting is a light grey all over and under the paint is the taped outline of a clasped pair of hands.

Progress pt 2

Photograph of a square painting leaning against a white wall. The floor is dark grey with paint splatters on it. The painting has a mauve background with a large area of grey painted over. The grey area is covering the taped outline of a pair of hands holding each other, although they are quite difficult to make out beneath the paint.


Photograph of three square paintings hung on a white wall. Two are very high up and the the third is half way down the wall and a black and white checked jacket is hung up next to it. All three paintings have dark grey background with ambiguous pink forms in the centre of each.

Studio wall

Transferred drawing of a hand making a fancy gesture. The palm is upturned, the thumb touches the third finger and the index finger is outstretched. The drawing is blue on cream paper.

Teeny tiny transfer today!

36 coloured squares on the left hand side of the image. The squares are arranged in a grid formation. On the right hand side of the image is a list of numbers and codes which relate to each coloured square on the left. The numbers are the colour's HTML code, RGB code, HSL code and then NO or YES is written at the end.


Painting of an arrow cursor with a cross shaped cursor next to it. The cursors are white with a dark magenta shadowing shape followed by a green shadowing shape. The background is a light magenta. The painting is resting on a wooden shelf.

Select (wip)

Very loose fine-liner drawing of what looks like one person's arm wrapped around another person's waist. There is a wash of orange watercolour over the bodies. In the bottom right hand corner GR55 is written.


Two strips of blue and white paper stuck into what looks like a sketchbook or notepad. The page is plain cream and to the right of the image the fold of the book can be seen. On the strips of paper RESERVE THE FREEDOM TO BE CAPRICIOUS OR EVEN ECCENTRIC, OR TO BE TOTALLY UNPRODUCTIVE DURING CERTAIN PERIODS OF LIFE. is written in all caps handwriting. Two more strips of paper can be seen on the right hand side of the image but the sentences have been cut off. The top one reads HER ARMS AR and the bottom strip reads OVERLAPP

Foraging for words today.

Square format photograph of two wobbly papier mache hoop shapes leaning on each other. In the background on the right is a much larger wobbly white sculpture resting against the wall and on the right is a glass vase of flowers. Only the green stems in the water are visible.

sculptural beginnings

Digital drawing of a pair of arms. They look as if they could be resting on the person's knees but only the arms are included in the drawing. The drawing is white with a dark blue shadow. The background is light blue.


Two drawings taped to cream concertina window security grilles. The drawings both show two wobbly worm shapes. They are simple drawings in blue felt tip pen which look as if water has been spilt over the surface, causing the ink to run.

More pairs

Two watercolour drawings. The left hand drawing is of two irregular hoop shapes and the right hand shows two curved wotsit esc shapes. Both drawings are blue pen with splashes of water over the top which has caused the pen to bleed. They are both on white paper which has creased as the water on the drawings has dried.


Three blue felt tip pen drawings on cream paper. Each show two sculptural shapes resting on each other. They are both coloured with colouring pencil. In the left hand image one shape is light blue and the other is pink. The shapes are labelled A and B and POSE 1 A+B is written. The forms in the middle image are labelled C and B and the writing reads POSE 2 B+C. One shape is purple and the other is orange. In the final right hand image they are labelled B and D and the writing reads POSE 3 B+D. They are yellow and dark blue.

Three poses

Abstracted image of a foot printed across 9 sheets of a4 paper.


Digital drawing of a selection cursor. It is made up of two symbols, an arrow on the left and a cross shape on the right. The cursor is white with a hot pink and neon green shadow. The background is light pink.


Digital line drawing of a pair of hands. Two fingers and the thumb of one hand are being held by the other hand. The lines of the drawing are white with a thin pink outline. There is a dark grey shadow behind the drawing which  makes it look a bit 3D. The background is a plain light grey colour.

Gentle Clasp

A digitally manipulated line drawing of a pair of hands. One hand gently clasps the fingers of the other. The lines of the drawing are white with a few specks of dark pink. The background is yellow paper.

Gentle Clasp

Square format image with a pale pink background. In the top right hand corner dark green all caps handwriting arranged in a column reads: VERY SHINY VERY SMOOTH A MYSTICAL TRUFFLE FROM DEEP UNDERGROUND. In the bottom left hand corner is a linear digital drawing in the same green colour. It's not obvious what the drawing is of but the form is roughly spherical.

Mystical Truffle

Square format digital drawing. The background is a plain dark blue-green colour. On the left half of the composition is a digital drawing of a foot and ankle. The lines of the drawing are white and irregular shapes in four different shades of blue fill the space within.

Blue is the colour of your yellow hair

A watercolour painting of a pink, orange and white cat surrounded by green and yellow foliage. There is a blue plant pot behind the cat and a brown path in the foreground leading up to the cat. The painting is held in centre of the frame by a caucasian hand. The background is white and a piece of ripped paper can be seen at the top of the frame. Shafts of light spread across the image and cast strong shadows underneath the drawing and hand.

Cat in the garden.

Digital line drawing of three intertwined legs. Block Capitals handwriting in the top right hand corner is arranged in a column format and reads, Resting in the corner of the sitting room next to the thermo-stat. The text and drawing are black and the background is a light blue-grey colour.

Resting in the corner of the sitting room next to the thermostat.