Helen Wilson

Website: https://www.helenhelen.co.uk/

Instagram: @helenhelenwilson

A pink felt tip drawing of two hands touching at the little finger in the vulcan salutation. The arms loop round at the bottom to form three loops which connects the two hands

21st April 2021

A pen pen drawing of two hands holding or squeezing a pink ball-like shape. The arms loop over the hands t join them up. The hands are painted peach colour in gauche and the ball-like shapes are a dark pink

20th April 2021

A black pen drawing of four hands connected to each other through lines of string playing cats cradle

19th April 2021

A black pen drawing of two hands on top of each other cut off just above the wrist. The top hand is a thumbs up and the bottom hand, a thumbs down. Painted in peach gauche paint

18th April 2021

An arm that snakes almost into a figure of eight sign with a hand on each end, the top one showing a thumbs down and the bottom one a thumbs up. There are two arrows on the right and left side pointing in a clockwise direction

17th April 2021

A painting of two sets of hands that turn into feet. The hands are at the bottom of the page supporting the feet that grow vertically up.

16th April 2021

A black pen drawing of two feet standing on two single rocks. The feet turn into hands and the palms of the hands touch

15th April 2021

A gauche painting of two hands clasping one another, the arms circle round to loop above the hands.

14th April 2021

A drawing of an elongated arm coming into the page from the left hand side the a hand holding a tiny lemon between the thumb and index finger. Under the lemon is a basketball or netball net on a long pole to the bottom of the page

13th April 2021

A black pen drawing of two peach coloured hands on top of one another, palms facing upwards. On the top palm is the top half of an egg timer and on the bottom hand is the bottom half. The sand is falling between the two and is painted sand colour.

12th April 2021

A light pencil drawing of two hands connected in a loop holding the sides of a figures's head. There is another figure with their head looking down, eyes closed. Perhaps the hands belong to them. Both their lips are parted.

11th April 2021

A black pen drawing of a hand holding a body lying on the palm. The wrist of the hand turns into legs which curl around back towards the head of the figure.

10th April 2021

A painting of a peach coloured hand grasping a stream of blue water coming from a grey pipe in the top right hand corner.

9th April 2021

A drawing with black pen on white paper of a hand cut at the wrist with the thumb in a floating mouth. The other hand to the right hand side is holding a head, face with closed lips, the eye looking at the viewer

8th April 2021

Black marker pen on blue paper showing two hands each at an opposite corner of the page pulling an elastic apart from their index fingers.

7th April 2021

9 A4 drawings of an ampersand symbol with 2 thumbs up at the end. Drawn in a pink marker.

6th April 2021

A square fabric embroidery of a hand. The hand is peach coloured on a purple background with blue thread. The hand holds something invisible.

5th April 2021

An A4 drawing of two hands holding an egg in each hand. The hand is painted a peach skin tone whilst the egg is left a paper white

4th April 2021

Two yellow fabric hands machine sewn onto a blue piece of fabric in pink thread. Image is of the back of the hands, hands touching at the little finger edge in the same position as if you have your hands over your eyes.

3rd April 2021

A felt tip drawing of two bulb-like heads with slightly smiling faces on interlocking legs with one another. The first bulb has a hand coming out of the top giving the ok sign whilst the other has an open hand in a waving gesture.

2nd April 2021

Embroidered peach hand machine sewn onto a pink background fabric with blue thread. Hand is open and relaxed, index finger stretched out ready to touch something.

1st April 2021