Bio: I'm interested in language, the meaning of the word, and poetry. 🌼

Instagram: @ovo_2021

A collection of typical phrases and emoji that are used to complement artwork on Instagram. The comment texts includes, nice, love this, awesome, the colours, so cool, beautiful, wow, amazing, oh yes, so lovely, I love it, this one, waaa, so creative, lovely texture, this is amazing, fab, gorge, so good, heck yeah, this is sick, cool, lovely, fave, holy, so great, lovin'. In the middle of the praises, there is a bitcoin investment spam comment that says "The bitcoin investment is very real! $3500 investment got me $22000 profits. Connect now with @educator_sarah to make profits too."

the language of appreciation

A cluster of small houses in black ink. Some houses are painted over in red, yellow, and green.

a day

A knitted rectangle in ivory colour. The knitted pattern is created based on the Morse code for 'I love you.'

How to say I love you (Morse code-based knitting pattern)

A poster for an imaginary event that contains a text 'coffee festival 2021, 15-17 Aug, kafomuseum' and also three green stars, black coffee cups and a gray starfish-like coronavirus.

poster as a communication tool

The word "snowflake" written in the Morse code using dots and bars in red, blue and yellow.

snowflake (in Morse code)

An image of words being processed in the brain that consists of white tubes and dots in red, blue, and yellow.

processing words

An image of a pencil and a piece of paper on which insects made of alphabetical letters are running around.

words escape me

Description of a performance art piece that says "people in cotton candy dress dancing in the rain."


Images of origami in different shapes. They are removed from the original context and presented as geometric shapes.

speaking in origami

An image of trees that are connected with the fungi network and talking to each other. Speech bubbles on the network say 'Hi!' except for one which says 'Send nude.'

trees talking to each other via the fungi network

An image of a Henry vacuum cleaner cleaning a pile of clown face emoji.

political news comments

A photography of two petals of cherry blossom on a wet umbrella.


Infinity loops made of paper on which music onomatopoeias are written. Musical instruments include the bass,  piano, trombone, trumpet, tuba, viola and violin.

infinity loop orchestra

A drawing that illustrates the movement of drawing a letter "A". The image consists of multiple hands in red, blue, and yellow.

"A" - word as movement

An image of bacteria speaking to each other by releasing chemicals. The image contains three shapes that represent bacteria, chemical signal, and receptor.

quorum sensing - chemicals as words

An image of theatre with audience where a text that says "It's so beautiful that it makes you sad" is written on the stage.

the word as an object

A sun print of flower seeds with texts that says "tiny green fireworks shot up in my garden celebrating life."


A collection of numbers cut out from the newspaper that were used to report death.

Life as a number in the newspaper

Re-interpretation of BBC news titled "WHO Covid report leaves many stones unturned" consists of an image of a fish market and symbols including circles, squares, and triangles.

many stones unturned

An image that consists of triangles in different shapes and colours. The image was created by typing CNN news titled "More than 11,000 cases of a troubling variant reported in the US" in a font that converts texts into symbols.

CNN "More than 11,000 cases of a troubling variant reported in the US" told in symbols

BBC news about the Covid-19 is told in colourful symbols.

BBC "Covid-19: CDC head warns of 'impending doom' in US" told in symbols