Pandora Vaughan


Instagram: @pandoravaughan

A pink dragon fruit on a table with s small sketchbook in the foreground showing a pen drawing of the fruit

dragon fruit

Collage of train station ironwork over a watercolour. The power connector appears to emit red electric haze.

untitled train view

4 small green watercolours which look like aerial photos horizontally arranged on black paper. Under each image is a notice saying Pay No More Than 80p taken from Crass records


Grainy black and white image of a space under an archway - a collage of pipes, uneven surfaces and shadows, very dark

not home yet

A muted coloured still life in ink on paper of abstract shapes

untitled still landscape

3 part image, the top shows a tshirt front with 70s style lettering saying Discourse but only the Disco part is filled in. Below images are a packet of iron-on letters and a text extract from Roland Barthes about the city as a discourse

Discourse - 2 random finds make a 3rd

3 part image showing different angles of a paper and card model with an abstracted urban landscape

untitled model utopia

Split image, left side is a close up of text being embroidered on pale green felt, right side is a pile of oddly shaped cushions with song lyrics embroidered on them

Sad Songs Outdoors (contd)

A close up colour photograph of two old butterfly stickers which have been partially picked away from the white surface they are stuck on


Black and white image divided into 4 equal frames. Each has a triangular aperture through which photos of outside space (north London) can be seen.

Get me the fuck out of here

A photographic image split in half showing two windows overlooking Different views of London from a tower block

West/East London at 18:45 today

A colourful flowering garden with two crystalline objects embroidered in black and white amongst the plants

postvax fever portals

A textured steel wall with budding branches in front, the image has been split in half and mirrored to form a symmetrical design in two different colours

spring in a steel box