Jennie Temple

Instagram: @temple__walk

A photograph of a large dark grey rock with the word TODAY sprayed on it in fluorescent pink paint

TODAY (Yesterday or the day before)

3 part installation, photo orientation portrait. On the left hangs a piece of white cloth with an abstract print of a pile of horizontal rectangular lines, it looks a bit like an image of the spines of a tall pile of books. The colours are teal, black, red, pink and putty. To the right of the hanging cloth is an A3 text work. Hand drawn red letters outlined in white on teal rectangles mounted on cobalt blue reads: fear cripples the soul. Below the text is a pile of 5 box files, the space between the top file and the drawing approximately one foot. The files are similar colours to the print

In advance of admin (fear cripples the soul)

this is a multi-layered image. In the background a photograph of a child's red and white striped dress hangs against the wall. Superimposed on top of this image is a square multi piece collage, mint green background and various images pinned on top, the text 'how does a child learn self loathing?' is visible. A drawing of a child, a photograph of a discarded barbie head beside a double yellow line, a bold drawing of a black and white vase with yellow tulips and another text that reads 'we 4 mountains' are also all visible elements

WE FOUR MOUNTAINS (new ways of documenting)

CATHY (how many? 3?)

A photograph of a small blue glass bottle with a label that reads Sicilia and that once contained sweet orange juice. It now holds a cut white flower, a small lily, which is casting a strong shadow from evening sun on the green wall behind

Sicilia with Shadows

A film about the socialist realist murals in Coventry Market. Somewhere between a documentary and a love story.

Cov 4 Eva

Photograph of a drawing (see day 11) taped to a table. Visible only through various items that have been placed on the table throughout 24 hours. They are a range of things, a loaf of bread, a hairbrush, a stripey paper bag, paper cup, crisps, everyday stuff.

24 hours later: still life (we see potential) family collaborative drawing

This is a rectangular, orientation landscape, chaotic drawing with lots of elements with no fixed focus point or perspective. The elements including a Pepsi bottle, a crying emoji (lots of tears) some cheese, a packet of Walkers cheese and onion, some tomatoes, an apple, an apple logo, lots of bright felt tip colours, a drawing of a banana and an actual banana and royal gala apple placed on the bottom left of the drawing for scale. The drawing was made by me, my partner and our children (age 11 & 15)

still life (we see potential) family collaborative drawing

Photograph, orientation portrait, of 3 vases of tulips. Higher than eye level viewpoint . The vases sit to the rear and are placed equidistance apart. On the left the vase is glass carafe and filled with red tulips. The central vase is glass and arch patterned and quite Art Deco, the tulips are yellow. The vase on the right is made out of ceramic, it is light blue and almost looks like it is made out of origami. The tulips are red. The table has a William Morris patterned table cloth and on the cloth a sheet of white paper and on the paper a small pile of freshly shorn hair curls.

still-life with tulips and a small pile of hair.

A digital image looking into a room, the left and rear walls are visible. They are covered in patterned wallpaper which is a Memphis Group design, red and white with a black outline, striped but not the lines vary in 2 widths. In the room is a simple white wooden chair and a large, bigger than the chair,  geometric vase filled with green leafy plant. On the walls are three artworks.

The room in our home that no-one else knows about apart from me. All artworks original

A square photo of a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds with two other photographs superimposed on top. Both are images of red brick walls with graffiti. On the left image 'Chris' is sprayed and on the right image 'kris' Both are painted crudely and lacking finesse

CHRIS/KRIS (working things out)

An A4 portrait line drawing of my son made in ink and brush. Almost profile view. He is looking down wearing over the ear headphones and holding a bowl of cereal with a spoon resting in the bowl.

Rudy eating cereal, listening to music and reading.

A4 orientation, portrait: A square mid blue armchair sits at the bottom left facing out at a 3/quarter angle - a geometric patterned cushion is on the chair. To the right is a simple square light wood coffee table. The chair and the table are in front of a wall, which is light grey and made of breeze block. On the table are two plants one placed in front of the other. The fern to the back is in a warm pink pot sitting on a pile of magazines. An aloe-vera sits in front in a grey pot placed on a cross section of raw wood. Pleasure is pleasure and guilt is guilt is typed in small at top of image

guilt is guilt ___________________pleasure is pleasure (digital image)

This is a diptych. Both sections of the work are portrait orientation. The image on the left is a photograph taken from above looking down on hands drawing. The hands belong to my son who is wearing a grey sweatshirt. The image on the right is the completed drawing. The drawing is my DAY 1 submission. The top two thirds of the drawing are given over to to the text "we attempt to feel something we have lost" the text is roughly hand drawn using cursive letters and outlined in dark, the bottom third a drawing of a clump of dust from under my daughter's bed.

Collective Action (my son finishes one of my drawings while I make dinner)

The image is an A4 drawing orientation portrait depicting a small note. The note, which is about 12cm x 2.5cm is placed in the top centre of the drawing and is made in pencil. The note has a dark shadow to the left and underneath and is taped to the wall with a little bit of masking tape (these elements are also drawn) The note has orange writing on it in capitals: MUMMY ANNOYING = 1000000


This is a square digital image which has a yellow background. There is a rectangular photograph of the shadows of hanging plants overlaid on the yellow background situated to the left of the square.


This is an A2 work, orientation landscape. There are two halves to the painting. On the left hand side, a sheet of A4 lined paper is stuck centrally by 2 pieces of gold tape, one on each top corner. The text "SHHH. MUMMY. BE STILL THERE ARE SLEEPING FLIES IN YOUR FACE" is placed in the centre of the A4 lined sheet. The text is in capital letters hand drawn but mimicking type, outlined in graphite, coloured with a dark grey watercolour. On the right hand side section of the drawing in the centre is an A6 watercolour portrait of a child asleep.


This is an A3 drawing - orientation is portrait. The top two thirds of the drawing are given over to the text "we attempt to feel something we have lost" the text is roughly hand drawn with cursive letters and outlined in 5B pencil. In the centre of the bottom third of the drawing is a pencil and white acrylic paint drawing of a clump of dust.

we attempt to feel something we have lost (dust gathered from under my daughter's bed)