Lisa Risbec


Instagram: @lisarisbec

A digital collage. The image on the left is close up of different textured fabric in purple and grey. The one on the right is an orange rectangle separated with a horizontal line in the centre. There's a section of some tiny orange text that looks like a copyright statement for a Matisse work.

Tiny steps

A grid of 6 images. A green/blue door with a note on it that says TNT driver. A blue sky with two balloons and the moon in it. A solid blue image with abstract shadow of darker blue. A pink/red coat hung on a blue wall, the shapes look like two triangles of colour. The top of a head with red hair in a bun against a red wall with a notice on it. You ca. See the ceiling which is white industrial looking lights and pipes. A close up of a twig and something soft like black unspun cotton on a concrete floor. It looks like it has been dropped by a bird.

24 hours

An abstract image of sunlight and blue sky through a frosty skylight


A top down photograph of a wooden table with a slatted top. It's painted Pale pink with pale green abstract shapes painted on top.


A photo collage of three images side by side. Each is a photograph of the same object. A purple card background with 4 different coloured stones arranged on it. The colours and shadows are different on each one.

The document becomes the object

A coral coloured small, shallow cardboard box is filled with broken pieces of pottery, each with a different design in blue. The box sits on wooden floorboards.

Sorting continued

A grid of 8 images. Each image has an index card with an arrangement of objects, broken pottery and business cards. And above each card there's a blue file divider with a letter on. From A - H - left to right, top to bottom. Everything looks old.


An arrangement of coloured cardboard. Purple, pink and black. Placed on graph paper.

A drawing

AI transcript from a meeting. Text on white screen. Text says: 
Speaker 2
Hit it against the wall. Still can't hear you know.
Nothing. Nope.
Nothing. Okay.

A lot back on.

Speaking to Christie can hear me now?

Yeah, you then try again. Okay let's log off and back on.

A digital monalogue

Two images side by side. Both are photographs with objects layered on top. The left is a photograph of railings with a piece of wood in the centre. On top is a piece of slate, a tiny rusty spanner and two blue wires. The second image is a close up of an old door. The same objects are placed on top in a different arrangement.


A paper abstract collage, pink on one side, tangerine orange on the right. With abstract yellow and blue shapes on the left and black and white textured shape that could be fabric on the right.

Music. Art.

A digital collage with half red and half pink background split vertically. And layered over images of three socks. They are positioned to look like an abstract image on first glance.


A white background with a series of groups of shapes arranged together. Two groups to the top of the page, on to the right hand side. They are in lilac, apricot, fushia and navy blue. The negative space looks like something has been taken out of the picture.

Shapes for a wall

A photograph of a white piece of paper in a black cardboard box. The paper has a rectangular gradient on it. Over the top is a digital collage of 4 objects. Two ceramic circular leaf plates, one small spanner and a tulip. The objects are placed to form a drawing and look uncomfortable with each other.

Mischievous objects

A close up photograph of three large dried flowers and two thin smaller ones. The colour has faded. They are placed on top of three pieces of cardboard, one black, one beige and one brown with a black grid.

Distraction and remembering

A paper collage on white paper. A image of flowers (stocks) and two abstract shapes one is grey and could be wooden slats, the other looks like a blue sky. They are arranged in the centre with lots of white space.

The promise of flowers

A series of post it notes, pink, green, blue, purple are laid out in a pattern, it looks like a drawing. They are overlaid onto a grid of pink and blue lines.

The plan

A close up image of the top of an open book. The white of the pages and sage green of the cloth binding form a line. Above there is a line of bubble wrap on a green courdoroy cushion. The image is abstract

That book

A collage of two images next to each other. One shows an angular shadow on a stone lintle. The one on the right shows a small rectangular section of red brickwork lit up by the sun.

Find the light

A collaged background of images of the sky. On the top, digitally collaged on is a large blue shape, textured like stone and an orange shape that looks like three steps.

Rust and Azure (orange and blue)

A collaged background of an image of a wall on paper with a white border. Three photographed sculptures made of coloured pottery and rocks on card and brick are digitally collaged on. They look larger than they are in reality.

Scale up