Sarah Praill

Bio: Sarah Praill lives in South London. She studied design and illustration at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. She joined Slaughterhaus print studio in Stockwell after finishing her Masters in Fine Art at UAL. She drew for many years at the British Museum and is interested in mark making and drawing as markets of presence and absence.


Instagram: @sarahpraill

Tape drawing on graph paper and black crayon.


Mono print. Water soluble pencil. Drawing of a soft stone carving of humped Camel like creature made by Bedouin girl bought at a roadside stall in Sinai desert. I had a white rabbit called Omo when I was 12 years old. The figure I think is me.


Mono print with watercolour on old linen map and pencil.


Blind drawing using water soluble pencil, salt, ink body scan mediation listening to Max Richter, Internal dialogues.,


I have three shelves in my studio I arrange work in different configurations. I like to prop things up and see how they talk to each other. I see a work as a letter or even a word together they may form a sentence or even a paragraph. Things feel like presences.

Studio documentation, Saturday

Water soluble pencil mono print. The tree is  drawn from a sponge toy tree made by my grandfather for my mother in the war. When all else fail I like to lie in the bath. Ideas rise up. It feels spring like and hopeful today and I planted white geraniums in my window box.

Note to a swing

Chalk, cassein, pencil, pigment, wet felt pressed with a rolling pin. I was thinking about sensation, Philip Guston pink, baby blankets, a wall in St Hilaire abbey and longing.


I will draw this Poem I wrote

Reworking this drawing. 74 cm x 55 cm
Interested in mark making and finding an image. Crackle of willow charcoal and the ghost image.


Drawing on found linen map with coloured pencil

Self portrait in pyjamas

Drawing in charcoal
56 x 76 cm


This is my remembered dolls house. The trees and the bend from Wandsworth common near where I live. It’s a mono print with water soluble pencil shavings and silver point.


I have three shelves in my studio where I curate sentences of my work. They have been a space to create interesting juxtapositions and dialogues between  things.

Self portait shelves

A Silent Rabbit


Ink, water based pencil and cassein on found cardboard


Ink and pencil on found paper, bone, hair, string.

Self portrait

Silverpoint white Cassein on board oil paint


Egg box painted surface with drawing tool and carved animal.

Unsent letter

I made these drawing tools from driftwood and crabs claws found in Dungeness one dry hot day last summer. I used hair that fell out during lockdown, bandages and charcoal. The best one is the peg bandage brush dipped in ink and dabbed lightly.

Dungeness Drawing tools

Pencil, tape, oil paint on paper.

Unsent letter

I like to curate words or sentences with my work. Images are like letters that may make a word or even a sentence.

Interval, 2021