Joy Hillyer

Bio: Joy Hillyer’s contemporary painting practice is rooted in the landscape and is one of fragments and different perspectives.


Instagram: @joyhillyer

Brief: experiment with ways to document your work
A document comprising: 
Counting /reverse counting/ date/reverse date
place/ pace

....And counting

Brief: make a work while...

...the sound of the kettle to sound, gathering momentum

...sound of the kettle boiling

Brief: Does it take the path of least resistance?

Looking up the garden path from the window (in ink and crayon)....repeated

Path of least resistance?

Brief: Don’t make anything today. Just send a description of what you would make.... Colour ... Form in red and black

Colour ... Form

Brief: remake yesterday’s work.... view of the garden from my window in 2 colours (black ink) and green crayon (again)

Remaking the view from the window

Brief: collaborate with someone else today .... view from my window in 2 colours (in ink and shades of green  crayon) reveals an image of my garden with an artificially narrowing perspective

View from my window in 2 colours

Brief: make a work more commercial...

Frame it!
A recent abstract image (‘Pavements of Gold’ ) originating in flowers growing through cracks in the rocks) now framed...

Pavements of gold (framed)

Brief: ....can you make a home at home?

Image in crayon of a small figure sitting in the middle of a mind map

Mind Map

Brief: change how you make and display your work?

Change how you make and display your work...

The brief was about asking for advice and taking it .... this is a cropped 15 x15cm image from a much larger painting in acrylic ‘Pavements of Gold’

Taking advice

Brief: make a work for your window...the image (in crayon and ink) IS the window


An improbable stack of chips dripping with ketchup (brief: do you have a guilty pleasure?)

Brief: Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Abstract, broad-brush impression of mountains (acrylic on photographic paper image)

Alps 1

Brief: make today a research day... a labyrinth in shades of yellow, orange and red (ink and crayon)

A research day

Brief :  Can you make a tool to help you to make your work?

...crumpled newspaper for painting with


A sea of Marsh Marigolds in the New Forest ...

Brief: What brings you joy? .... a sea of marsh marigolds in the New Forest

Brief: could your work have another function?

....when all the trees have been cut down

When all the trees have been cut down..