Lisa Lorenz

Bio: Publisher, RISO technician and Designer based in Manchester, U.K.


Instagram: @somuchtoanswer

Waves 02

Two colour RISO print in marine red and fluorescent pink depicting scenes of the film "The Hours".

The Hours



Phil Dogg

Pencil illustrations inpired by the Mars surface. Black and white background with blue highlights.

Mars Winter

A3 RISO print on off-white recycled paper with slight yellow tint, blue and fluorescent orange inks; pencil illustrations depicting scenes from the music video of Morrissey's "Everyday Is Like Sunday" (a young, caucasian woman wearing short hair and 80s style clothing, baggy top and trench coat, browsing depressing shop windows of an English seaside town; the sea and horizon; a bus stop shelter; arcade machines)


Blue text on lightly pink hued paper.

Lucid Chronicles

Marple // New Mills


Grief Zine

Sailor Moon Redraw