Hannah Whitlow

Bio: Multidisciplinary artist based in Manchester UK.

Instagram: @Hannahwhitlow

A digital drawing drawn on an iPad has a lilac background with an abstracted line drawn fractured face made up of an eye, nose, mouth and hands at either side of the face. One hand is orange the other is black. There is an orange star where the left eye should be.


A digital collage made up of a hand drawn character that has long wavy arms and legs with a sun emblem as the face and smiley face, there is fire that is protruding from the  hands that connects in the middle.


An abstracted drawing of a hands conjoined in the middle drawn in a circular shape there is a checkerboard drawn onto the arms in bright green and the background is white. The finger nails are painted pink. The background is white.

Arms around you in green

A digital drawing made up of five hand drawn elements with an orange abstracted chair like form. There is an outline of a figure in grey with an arm extending out in navy there is a lot of over,and circles in lilac that surround the head, to the bottom right there are some pink sketchy lines. It sits in a white background.

Look over there

A digital collage with a full colour photograph of a countryside scene with a hill and fields and blue sky with clouds has digital drawn elements overlaid. There is a sun like motif with hands outstretched in yellow to the top right,  a pink abstract shape to the bottom right a stylised cloud in green top left and orange squiggles bottom left.

All the hands that came before mine

A digital drawing with a navy blue background has an outline drawing in yellow of abstract leaf shapes which also look like faces; there are six leaves/faces and the same shapes are repeated smaller at the bottom of the “stem”

Made of the same stuff

An orange background has a digital drawing of 10 pink arms that are conjoined in a star shape with each arm splayed out as a point on a star. There is a dotted red line coming out from the arms going in different directions.

The path of least resistance

Handwritten all capitals text in orange on a yellow background which reads “A DIGITAL DRAWING OF BODIES & SYMBOLS IN AN IRANGE COLOUR PALETTE”

An idea for a piece

There is an abstracted elongated figure that is drawn out of proportion it has a star shape under its eye and where it’s heart would be. Inside the figure there are pastel rainbow coloured brush strokes going from pink to purple to blue to green to yellow to orange to red. There is a plain white background

Swaying on the hill

There is a rainbow background of broad digital brush strokes going from pink to red with an abstracted figure in blue in the middle

Getting out more

A digital drawing of three abstracted simplified figures are spaced down the page in a diagonal from left corner to right, the top figure is orange, the middle pink, and the third red, there is a pale yellow background.

The party must go on

There is a charcoal drawing of two abstracted suns with faces drawn onto a concrete fence panel.

Remember when summer used to last forever and we used jumpers as goalposts

An olive green background has lots of star shape astrixes on in orange, blue, cream, coral, light blue. The lines are all joined together.


A digital painting with flower shapes connecting at the end of each petal in different pastel colours of green, pink, beige, orange and yellow hues. The centre is left blank on a white background. The flower shapes are enclosed by a navy border hastily sketched out and uneven in thickness.

more of this please

A church window shape hold an abstracted sun and two lanes of stained glass with the same sun motif with a face repeated in different pastel colours, one side has happy looking faces the other more sad. The background is pale yellow.

Stop being a pain

There are two identical digital sketches with the landscape piece cut down the middle with half red and half pale blue. On both colour blocks there are two abstracted figures that have their limbs tangled. One figure is blue the other is yellow.

I got caught up

The words “soft” “fragile” “strong” are drawn in a hand written gothic style font, pale mint green background and coloured in pastel colours, around the word soft is different coloured ovals with some abstracted sun shapes below the word fragile

Soft fragile strong

A pink background of a digital drawing has two floating red wavily drawn figures on; one upside down and the other the right way up. They hold out their hands and look intertwined there is a border made of connected sun shapes in blues, yellows and reds.

Twin flame

A digital drawing of an abstracted simplified blue figure has their arm up to the sky and leg crossed over the other, there are 20 sun or flower shapes to the right of the figure, the figure has a star where their heart would be and two smaller stars at their ears.

Lifting away

A mint coloured background holds lots of digitally illustrated sun shapes with faces they are all connected from the rays that come out of each shape, each sun shape is coloured in different pastel colours.

Unified field

A pale blue background has a tall slim human like figure to the left hand side with three floating abstract faces down the right with black lines and bold colourful shapes of colour in the background of the faces

Into the ether