Yasmeen Thantrey

Bio: a 24 year old artist from Nottigham/London exploring South Asian diaspora and Eurocentric beauty standards through humourous and sometimes serious work! she/her

Website: http://www.thantreyarts.com

Instagram: @yazzbaz

An illustration of a brown woman teal 70a style hair and big green sunglasses. She is wearing a yellow top with flowers and a purple shag cardigan

This is real this is me

An illustration of a fat brown skinned hairy woman with floaty black hair lying on her side with one knee up. She is on a swirly purple and orange and pink background

sleepy dreamer

An illustration of a fat lady with wobbly bits. She is laying down on her back with her black hair flowing behind her. She is brown and hairy. The background is orange, purple and pink swirls with sparkles

Falling in love with myself

An illustration of a uterus and ovaries etc with in pink shades with a sad face (eyes are on the ovaries) and a big lips frown over the uterus. Inside the uterus there is an evil coil with the right arm broken off puncturing the inside. The background is green and above the drawing it says “fuck this shit!!!”


A rough illustration of a woman with a shag hair cute flicking out, large green sunglasses, big lips and a floral top. Above it says, have the audacity of a white man xoxo

White man draft

An illustration of a brown figure kneeling on their front on a pink sofa. She is wearing pink pants and has black and teal hair.There is a window which frame is a pale red colour behind her, the windowsill has a green and pink vase with pink and yellow flowers, and there is a photo frame with two stick figures and a blue background. Outside the window is black and there is text in comic sans font saying: “"There is an IUS noted in the body of the endometrium which contains a hemorrhage around it (coil in


A photograph of a mini cheese plant with a rainbow reflecting over it!

rainbow cheese

an illustration of a fat brown naked woman sat down with her legs apart in a comfy position. She is on a summer green background with orange, yellow and white flowers around the top left corner floating over her

Naked me

An illustration of yellow and orange flowers of different sizes on a brown background


A red pink black and white illustration of a vulva filled with patterns

Squiggle wiggle

A gingham green and black print sleeveless dress on a red hanger hung on a door


I photograph of a mixed sex couple. The girl is brown with dark hair and the boy is white with a shaved head and brown beard. The picture is of their faces head/ shoulders in the foreground and a chicken shop menu in the background. Both people are expressing joy.

Chicken shop date

A photograph of the artist and her brother and father from approx the year 2000, she is wearing a pink T-shirt and pink dungarees, she has brown skin and is approximately 5 years old.

Research yay

An illustration of a green moon with henna like pattern details over a swirly green black and white background

Banana Moon

A wide angled photograph of a ginger cat. His face has been distorted

Am I obsessed with my pussy?

A roughly drawn digital illustration of the artist's ginger cat, Oscar, but in a human position replacing the figure of Venus is Botticelli's Birth Of Venus painting- which has a blonde slender woman standing on a shell as the ocean waves roll around her. In this recreation, the cat is fat and has a blonde wig and pink collar.

Birth of Oscar