Bella Probyn

Bio: Bella Probyn is an artist and early career curator based at Bankley Studios & Gallery, Manchester (UK).


Instagram: @bellaprobyn

21 (connor x bella)

Sketch 20

Photograph with sun glare and strange lens distortion, making a rocky hill look like something from a sci-fi film.

Sketch 19

Photograph of a concrete building reflecting the strong sunlight, a shadow of a tree casts a dark shadow splitting the image. In the centre of the image a smooth square of raised concrete sits forward from the rest of the wall.

Sketch 18

Photograph of the side of a concrete building, a shadow makes a strong diagonal line in the centre of the image.

Sketch 17

Photograph of a stick and an outdoor hose, lying on a door in strong sunlight. The stick and the hose make a cross in the centre of the image.

Sketch 16

Photograph of a decadent gate, with imitation black flecked marble between fake stone carved pillars.

Sketch 15

A photograph of a page in a notebook, with handwriting which says 'Delicate Drape, Soft and gentle, Soothing and smooth'

Words for a photograph


Photograph of a view through a gap in a wooden fence, with a washing line of clothes out to dry in the Manchester sunshine.

Washing line, Levenshulme

Photograph of a concrete paving slab with a trees shadow on it.

Sketch 11

A photograph of a bush and a wall, split half the image left and right. Shadow of a hand on the wall.

Sketch 10

A photograph of a concrete floor with a pipe coming out of it. Some of the concrete is cracked and moss grows over some parts.

Sketch 9

A photograph of a shadow of some semi-ornate railings on a concrete block wall.

Sketch 8

Black and white photograph with a large white border, showing some kind of bush by a river with its reflection centred in the image. A diagonal line splits the photograph in two, with light on one side and dark on the other.

Sketch 7: negative/positive

Photograph of a close up of a heavy duty, forest green tarpaulin. There is a strong directional light hitting the surface which makes it look like it's sparkling. Some diagonal creases in the fabric cause shadows.

Sketch 6


Photograph looking down at the ground, grass and moss grow around a concrete paving slab. Most of the left hand side of the image is obscured by a bright red/orange material.

Sketch 4

A black and white photograph with a large white border. A pattern is visible but the image is distorted through curved glass.

Sketch 3

A black and white photograph of a garden fence with a plant climbing up it. There are strings and wire guiding the plant to grow upwards. In the centre of the image there is a square of light reflected off a surface which is not visible in the frame.


A black and white photograph shows a white piece of A4 paper in the centre of a paved garden floor. In the photograph, the paper is providing a blank, flat surface to show the shadow of a plant which is cast on the floor.

Out of Touch