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a photograph of a long planter made out of planks of wood, on top of a concrete wall. there are plants growing out of the top. painted in green and blue on the planter is a snake. it looks like it is doing lots of loop de loops.


two photos next to each other. both are an above shot of a kind of dug out front yard with concrete walls, floor and concrete steps leading down into it. in the image on the left it looks messier with planks of wood, cardboard boxes, some rubbish and a big tree branch. the photo on the right it has had a tidy up, the rubbish is cleared, but it still looks really grubby tbh

our grubby front yard

screenshots of text from messages i've sent today. text in blue rectangles on a white background. the text reads: 
hello sorry i am trying to figure out why 
 ah no!! really?
sorry i know it late !!
putting this here to remind me
i will try and draft something this evening sorry ! "

people fought and died for sundays off and i am doing silly little admin bits

a photograph of a woman curled up in a yellow and black blanket on the sofa asleep. infront of her on the coffee table is a bottle of squash and a pot of pens. in the background you can see the corner of a sewn banner with the text 'what a mess'

slacking sorry

two photographs placed next to each other on the left, and on the right is a large white space with some small black text which reads 'our kitchen has never been so bright'. the photo on the far left is of a kitchen table, with a ring of tinsel in the middle. inside the tinsel are 5 colourful balloons which with 80 printed on them, a gift bag, and a rubicon bottle. the photo on the right is a close up of the top of the rubicon bottle with winding shapes of fairy lights above reflected on it making a cool pattern.

rosie's bday plans (ft. evie)

this is a photograph of a tea towel laid out on a green cutting mat. screen printed on the tea towel in blue ink is the text 'make your house your house's house'. surrounding the tea towel are cut out paper letters, the blue ink in tupperware and acrylic paints.

MYHYHH tea towel (the real thing)

i would...

a photograph of a collaged card propped up on a coffee table. the collage is a green bird flying made out of pictures of foliage, on a blue background. there is a flower in all four corners of the card.

making cards

a photograph of a doodle on scrap bit of paper. The paper is being held down on a wooden table by a hand. on the paper is a line drawing of a bottle of fruit and barley squash. there is small writing in the top right hand corner which reads: 'will someone come with me I think there is a dead cat outside'

it was a coat (ft. RRC)

a distorted black and white photocopy. it mostly looks like wobbly grey shapes on a white background, with some white randomly meandering lines.

a city (ft. carlos)

a photograph of a white, with blue checked pattern, tea towel. the photo is taken from above. it is laid out on a wooden table and written digitally over the top of the tea towel in wonky handwriting is the text : make your house your house's house.

MYHYHH tea towel (ft. RRC) - a mock up

a close up photograph of brown carpet, with a cream weave pattern through it. on the carpet are two thin rubber bands, one is in a nice circle shape and the other is twisted in half. you can see the bottom of two wooden table legs.

a proposal ?

a photo of a concrete wall, with a shoddy looking wooden planter built on tip of it. in green on the planter is an unfinished painting of a snake, it it just looks like a green swirly line across the planter.


two square photos next to each other with a white border. the first is a photograph of a window, but you can only see the view out of the window so the rest of the image is very dark and you can't see much apart from a hint of some curtains pulled back. the view is mostly the end of a red brick terraced house, some chimneys and an overcast sky. in the top half of the window you can see an image of a stone carving of three kings in a bed with an angel, which has been printed on acetate stuck up. it is the second photograph is zoomed in on the same image.

it will be the first thing i stare at when i wake up in the morning

this is a square photo of a warped shadow of myself across my bedroom floor. it is cropped so you can only see the blob my head against my brown carpet, and my wooden wardrobe. the shadow of my open hand held on top of my head looks a bit like a cartoon of a chicken. there is a digitally placed orange triangle on the right hand side of my shadow to look like beak, and a white oval to look like an eye.


a photograph of a white calve, against a brown patterned carpet. you can see the person is holding their grey trouser up to show a half finished small tattoo of lily flower. it is stick and poke in black in and looks quite dodgy, they are wearing knock off cream sliders from ebay and pale blue socks.

a lily ! a rose !

day 4

a grainy photo of a small drawing of a street lamp on a white hairy leg, it is quite close up which makes it blurry, the drawing is a bit wonky / goofy

still here, but worse

a photograph of two white calves from different people laid on top of each other. on the calf on the left is a small drawing of a lily flower, and on the calf on the right is a small drawing of a street lamp on its side. they look like plans for tattoos.

making plans

6 square photos in a landscape grid, they are grainy photos of telephone wire posts at night time. there are just one post in each photo and i tried to get nothing but the cloudy city night sky in the background. the wires like spill out around the telegraph poles.

some research