Joseph Corton

Instagram: @Ivfallenover

Leaf drawn shakily in black ink on brown paper. Decorated with scrap paper, tape and a stamp. Coloured with a smudge of green chalk.

Spring time

Fish drawn in blue ink on tracing paper. Displayed on my hand with IKEA carpet background.

Drew this while waiting for my bread to prove

Lungs, mushroom and sigil drawn shakily in white ink on craft paper.

Lung Cancer

Window drawn shakily on craft paper


Butterfly drawn in black ink in a shaky illustrative style utilizing collage elements and watercolor to colour the wings blue.


Butterfly split in half. One side painted in bright red and yellow gouache the other is shakily drawn in black in on scrap paper and painted with water colour.


Teeth shakily drawn in brown in around a fire rune drawn in charcoal. Image is framed by scrap paper showing a black starburst.


Heart drawn in white ink on red acrylic background.

Heart diagram

Lungs drawn in white ink on scrap paper printed with red acrylic paint.

Diagram of the lungs

Mushroom drawn on scrap and black paper. Roots are drawn in white ink.

Field mushroom

Honey bee shakily drawn in black in on perspex and painted roughly with yellow gouache.

Honey bee

Flies drawn shakily in black ink on blue grey paper. Covered in ink splotches.

My guilty pleasure is squashing flies

Bass fish drawn with black ink and charcoal on blue grey and scrap paper


3 toads drawn in black ink on painted background of yellow and blue grey.

Three toads (the devil's coat)

Mixed media dog using collage elements.

Mangy Dog

Ink on vintage paper

The joy of knowledge

March Hare. Mixed Media on water colour paper.

March Hare