Elizabeth Ann Day

Website: https://www.elizabethannday.com/

Instagram: @elizabethannday

A square, black, textured piece of paper. Drawn on it, in white pencil, is a single line drawing. With curvy shapes building one on top of the other, scallop-like.

bike rack

A historic, black and white photograph of a cattle market, taken circa 1840. Muddy paddocks fill the foreground, with several tenements filling the skyline behind. Nestled between the buildings is a Facebook Messenger speech box, in grey. It reads "Why not will cost a bomb Silk will be dead"

built on a cattle market

Digital rendering of water fills the frame. A Facebook text box, in medium blue, sits along the bottom edge of the image. It reads "the water is different though. it looks like silk or milk its amazing"

silk or milk

A small blue and white plate lies face up on a black background. A greasy, pale yellow residue lines the edge of the plate. Water droplets and steam from the plate's heat blurs the centre of the image.

late lunch

4 rectangular images collaged together, with a green cloth strewn overtop. 
Top left image: reusable bag containing a stained green cap
Bottom left image: Kitchen sink drain, stained green
Top right image: Washing machine inner, stained green 
Bottom right image: Clothing label, stained green

byproduct of a process