Ju Canon

Instagram: @Jucanon

Screenshot of the notes app where there’s an abstract white drawing on a black background, it’s different shaped strokes pretty thin

While I wait for the shower to be free

Definitely not


Digital drawing of a bull frog, it has greenish tones. And a cooked pink fish with a lemon above.


A painting with white background of a fruit plate with a massive giant disproportionate lemon, a half pomegranate, half a blood orange and half a passion fruit. The plate has a orange-sienna border and the rest is white with small blue flowers.


A painting of a bill frog with different greens and there are red shapes in the background, the rest of the sheet is white. The painting is on an easel.




Picture of a dog on a stool in front of an easel with a drawing on it 
There’s a pencil under one of her paws.

Studio assistant

White sheet with fancy blue curtains hold by red bows

Gift for my window

Picture with a double bed from the side at the bottom with a white wall at the back with the light shaped like the round window and some multicoloured reflections around it


It’s a picture of a security booth outside a shop under the overground, it’s blue and there’s a mannequin with a security outfit in the booth

Work to do

Picture of a da Vinci drawing of the wind and a broken tree


A painting stick on a wood block. The painting is of a cooled pink fish and a lemon cut in a crown above. White background.

Fish 🐠

A pencil drawing on a white sheet with a square grid. At the bottom a cooked fish is upside down looking at the viewer, above there is a magician in a fancy suit holding a champagne glass with two gold fishes inside. And above him there’s a creature like the devil with wings summoning above the glass.

Pure joy

Magritte whispered