Jen Eve

Instagram: @jen_eve

Drawing of girl with hands in pockets turning back to artist.

Gal Pal #2

Self portrait photo with colours around

Drifting Away

Drawing of black sky with purple stars

Just a bit of galaxy

Words of poem and drawing of dancers combined

Disjointed Listless Steps

Ode to a Zoom meeting

Sketch of a woman with her hands above her head

Gal Pal

A drawing of David Coulthard driving the RB 4 Red Bull Formula 1 car.

RB 4

Scrawl sketch of flowers in a milk bottle


Four-layer stencil of Paul McCartney. As you do... Done with paint, all in greys and black and white. 
Scanned copy.

Layers of Paul

Endless slamming doors

Drawing of a girl looking out a window and smoking a cigarette

Wall Babe


Poem written by Jen, with black and grey paint on edges.


Black and white fractured patterns with blurring and harsh edges


Picture reads 'my art isn't visual... but I guess it is today.' with various colours and shapes

My Art Isn't Visual

Are you mine?

Latchkey Love