Laura Gaiger

Instagram: @L.Gaiger

Cupboard full of spray paints


Two feet touching on the floor (both my own)

Thinking day

Abstract pastel drawing in red and yellow

Roots seen from below

Abstract green and turquoise and pink soft pastel drawing

Perennial Polyculture

Drapery sketched in pencil


Abstract pastel sketch in greens blues and yellows

Couldn’t Help It

Pencil drawing of towel hanging from a hook

Towel drapery

Pencil drawing of a young man in a beanie hat, three quarter view.

Dale sat still for me

Photo of a snowy landscape with ski tracks criss crossing over it, and one small fir tree on the left side of the image. Big deep blue sky above.

Total fantasy

Biro sketch of a tarpaulin tent with painted squiggles all over it, suspended between two trees with someone sleeping in a hammock underneath.

Blueprint for a tent made out of a painting

Pastel drawing of person crouching by a pond


Pastel drawing of squid swimming in seaweeds


Three witches drawn in pastel

Three witches

Pastel drawing of princess diana planting a Spruce tree in front of a crowd in Oslo.

Diana planting a tree

Sketch from a painting by Mucha

Sketch from Mucha

Photo of a completed world map puzzle

Letting stuff percolate

hand holding bone


Knees and legs on rocks


cross-stitched image of a person dancing a jig inside a small enclosure, looking a bit unhappy. There are rolling fields behind, and bunting, and the words 'Fool' on either side of the image. The four symbols from the four suits in a pack of cards are in each corner of the embroidery. The whole thing is very bright in colour.