Fibi Cowley


Instagram: @wispies

a blurry kaleidoscopic colour field of hyper-saturated colours.


Graphic with a retro seventies magazine feel. There are two photographs embedded in the image, a television on the left and a multicoloured flower bouquet on the right. Underneath the two words the term 'tele-visuals' is scrawled in childish handwriting.


A photograph of a silky anteater, clinging onto a leaf is central to a red and green poster. The text underneath it reads 'yeah, i’m not gonna lie, i don’t want any feedback today but thank u anyway and i appreciate u so much'.

thank u pls

Poster is mostly filled with blobby orbs of rainbow colours. In the top right corner there is a kaleidoscopic geometric shape. On the bottom left 'rainbow' is written in a medieval gothic typeface.

rainbow for my window

fat goose

In the foreground is a hand holding a crudely made face, out of focus. In the background, crisp, are soft pastel drawings on sugar paper.

my smooth tool

Photograph showing the dust and scum floating on the surface of a pond. The debris stretches across the water, reflecting the sun like an iridescent milky way. Golden tree seeds float amongst the glittering swipe.

the unrequited garden !

The image shows a zoomed in photograph of a blurred-out human head. It is resting on a heap of cloth. It has engorged round eyes that look upwards, rimmed with pink and green. Its pupils are foggy, round and red. Coils of hair spills out around it, casting shadows that resemble veins onto the forehead. It is lit from above, casting warm shadows that mark out its nose, lips and chin, making its features appear animal-like.

i can hide inside it