Cathleen Owens

Instagram: @cathleenowens

Image of various papers and post it notes laid and collaged on ground. On the right hand side is a piece of toilet paper with “delete doubt” printed onto it.

Delete doubt

Screenshot of the notes app on iPhone with an image of person holding a white hairball and text overlaid "Maybe a little too navel gazing". Below, "i have tried that already" is typed out. Just below is a squared grid.

Third times a charm

Image of pink diary in-store with the phrase "make things happen" printed on the front of the diary in black.

My teen diary

Screenshot of the notes app with the text "Frantically trying to express myself to the best of my ability"

Frantically trying to express myself to the best of my ability

Image made of three collaged photos. On the top of the image is a photo of a notebook page with the handwritten text "Are your standards TOO HIGH?". In the bottom left is a cut-out blurred image of a femme presenting person with red lipstick and purple striped top. Obscuring the face is type "DON'T HESITATE! GET IN TOUCH NOW!" with the last word underlined in red. In the bottom right is a photo of a book quoting Rilke: "We can so easily slip back from what we have struggled to attain, abruptly, into a life we never wanted; can find that we are trapped, as in a dream, and die there..."

The lines are open

Moss covered tiles with handwritten red “moisture” written vertically with the text “collaborating for a profit” written in white horizontally


Photograph of the paper tab on tea bag string with the original saying crossed out and written by hand in black ink "STOP GETTING PREPARED".


Image of desk set-up with a squared paper notebook and One Direction mechanical pencil on top of a sheet of paper that reads "BECAUSE OF THE ECONOMY" centre-top of a thought bubble.

And then there were 5

Computer paper with drawing in orange marker of figure giving a presentation, which is on top of a lightbox with the words "to do list" shining thru. On top of the computer paper on the bottom right hand side of the image is a yellow post-it note with the text printed on it "MAKE IT INTENTIONAL"


Screenshot of white male with speaking subtitles "TO EMBRACE DISCOMFORT/TO EMBRACE RESISTANCE"

To embrace

Image of dirty white disposable cleaning wipe, clearly used, centerd with text written in black Sharpie marker "CLEAN SURFACE/CLEAN/MIND". The cleaning wipe is tacked to the white wall by two pushpins in the top left and top right corners.