Dave Wisdom

Bio: artist and maker living on the north east coast of britain next to the sea

Instagram: @davewisdom4

collage of natural and man made materials rescued from local beach including seaweed, wood remnants, nylon cord and string.

reclaim recycle restore remake revive

White text spaced unevenly on dark blue background reading as; depression, self analysis, self belief, self doubt, self worth, isolation, sadness.  Talk to someone they say. easier said than done I say.

Day 20: unsolicited honesty

Photographic colour self portrait rephotographed on open page of photoshop lightroom editing software.  Image split into random, large pixilated squares resulting in abstract broken repositioning of subject and background

Day 19: image manipulation = cheating?

Invoice receipts scattered on stairs with empty wine bottles and glasses and photographed from aerial viewpoint at top of stairway landing

Day 18: sunday morning art admin

Self portrait high contrast black & white photograph.

Day 16: self documentation

Image of green tea cup and saucer, 'Sooty' egg cup containing boiled egg photographed on silver foil on top of kitchen worktop in sunlight.

Day 16: over done boiled egg

acrylic, aerosol, twigs on canvas of multi colours

Path of least resistance: 5 minute art

improving our mental health and well-being: defining sadness and depression using art

Day 14: improving our mental health and well-being: defining sadness and depression using art

Acrylic on canvas abstract interpretation of a windy day in a colourful spring garden.

Day 13: Windy Spring Garden (day 12 revisit)

Acrylic on canvas abstract painting inspired by spring garden colours.

Day 12: Collaborate with someone else today. 'Spring Garden' by Rob & Dave

Multi media/recycled materials sculpture 'Roberta Leigh Tribute' (writer/artist/film maker)  remodeled as toothbrush holder.

Day 11: Roberta Leigh Tribute Toothbrush Holder

Salvaged box from fish quay to form basis of house with interior decorated with sci-fi wrapping paper to represent wallpaper.  Cardboard roof and chimney with decorative brick pattern attached. Collection of brightly coloured vintage robot toys ranging from adult to child robots and a plastic pet cat all lined up inside house facing the camera for their family photo album.

Day 10: a family home made at home for robots and their pet cat

Mixed media collage including images from vintage pop magazines, fairground fonts and original paper mache sculptures and art work all in full colour.

Day 9: Pop up Art coming to a street near you

Day 8: Ask someone for feedback and take their advice; keep it simple (advised by my college art tutor last century)

collage of vintage photographs using images from knitting patterns and traditional/non traditional fonts spelling out 'keep it simple' in ransom note style on top of airbrushed background board using monotone colour palette.

Day 8: Brief: Ask someone for feedback and take their advice; 'keep it simple'

Day 7: living window display

Day 7: living window display

Day 6: Guilty pleasure wine (preferably consumed with friends)

Day 6: Predictable Guilty Pleasure...

Day 5: Work you been struggling to make? ; cathartic labeling

Day 5: luggage labels of life

Research; who are the real beneficiaries?

Day 4: Research; who are the real beneficiaries?

Saturdays Silver Hammer is a tool of little use and practicality with regards to helping making things, but will successfully fulfill the vital role of  collecting wandering dust in search of a peaceful home of sanctuary.

Saturdays Silver Hammer

reassurance, solace, unconditional love and affection

joy bringer

For a socially distanced grocery trip, an elephant would require a larger than normal shopping trolley powered by a fully inflated party balloon. In the unlikely event an elephant should ever wish to visit a supermarket, then this trolley would hopefully fulfill the task and enable comfortable, trouble free roaming of the isles.

Balloon powered shopping trolley fit for an upwardly mobile elephant