Alizon Bennet

Bio: Artist and designer maker based in NE England.


Instagram: @alizonb

A photograph showing a sunny day with blue skies, a sea wall, temporary metal fencing containing a 5ft figurehead/bust of Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, (29 .9.1758 – 21 .10.1805), according to Wikipedia 'His inspirational leadership, grasp of strategy, and unconventional tactics brought about a number of  British naval victories during the Napoleonic Wars. Wounded in combat he lost sight in one eye, and most of one arm. He was fatally shot at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805'. Rather than documenting my work I had a grand day out and pondered on this odd encounter.

Eyeing up suspiciously

A photograph of a wall clock with a white face, black numerals and hands. There is a cast plaster sugar mouse sitting on its face. The clock  shows the time is ten to twelve. Hickory Dickory Dock” is a traditional nursery rhyme, dating back to the 18th century London. It was first recorded as “'Hickere, Dickere Dock” by Tommy Thumb in his Pretty Song Book collection, 1744, London. So says Wikipedia. I always work in a bit of a chaotic hurry and am on a no sugar fasting regime so the mouse is rather symbolic.

Hickory dickory dock

A dirty cardboard arrow attached to a brick wall above 3 pipes leading to a drain. The arrow points down the drain. I often feel that I must and we must fight harder against those who lead us down the metaphorical drain.

Down the drain

A photo of my dog sitting on my newly made pebble and brick site specific (my garden) artwork. The curved brick arrangement is infilled with beach pebbles, brick pebbles and found objects set into concrete. This work needs grouting to complete it. This is the work I would like to make/finish.

This needs grouting.

A large ikea bag filled with leather scraps. Free to a good home. The sorting continues.

Putting important stuff in jars 2 (no jars but bags)

Large pickle jar filled with wooden dolly pegs and clothes pegs, a kilner jar containing bubble wrap and toy figures which include a plastic traffic warden, assorted lead soldiers and a beefeater, a small jar of paraffin. Day 1 of mammoth studio sorting long overdue. I had some help with the tidying so a collaboration of sorts.

Putting important stuff in jars.

A card box box with a round window containing a concrete rock which is visible inside. The box is painted using acrylic paints with textured brush strokes in blues, greys and white imagining an abstracted sea or sky. The rock is highlighted and enhanced in the photograph. The rock a broken shard of sea wall that I used in a previous work has been packaged to make more commercial.

Boxed rock, rocked box.

A roughly made cardboard house painted streaky mid tone blues 5" x 5" which is situated in the middle of one step, on the unstripped slightly dusty and partially dark stained wooden stairs of my home.

House and home

A typed list of methods, types of and places you might choose to display art.

A display

Three stylised figures cut out of plastic milk bottles, each wears a crown, each has gesturing arms as if in conversation or heated discussion. photographed in sharp tone and inverted to accentuate the forms. The figures are all me, the heated discussion happens in my own head whenever I make work.

Heated discussions in my own head.

The corner of a framed 1050’s NY subway poster, a faded ball pool ball, some fishing floats all in shades of orangey pink on pink jewellery wire. A pleasure with no guilt.

Finding stuff and showing stuff

Early maquette showing ideas for an interactive installation about migration and settlement (a collaborative work). A work that needs revisiting. 
Multi coloured thread wound and tied around and between florists wire canes. Criss crossed and hung with folded white paper. 
Arranged and stuck into polystyrene sheets.

A work that needs revisiting.

A photograph of a fragment of concrete. Text taken from a history of 'The Sea wall' found in a google search . Also my own text describing the fragments blue colour and where it was found as if an object worthy of research.


A group of 5 assemblages/sculptures, arranged to look like they may be tools. L to R clockwise Wood dog head on a crank handle, feather on a worn toy car axel, Wooden screwdriver and a lump of white pavement chalk, Brocken mug handle attached to a sone with a curtain ring and a wooden pottery scraper with a worn orange rubber ball knob.

I can't blame them, but....

The lyrics to 'Reasons to be cheerful. pt 3,' by Ian Dury. Typewriter font on a blue paint strip border pattern on yellow inspired by the 'Inbetweenies' 7inch cover 1978.

And nanny goats, today this brings me joy.

5 pyramid shaped cardboard boxes each depicting and seaside view and each made to contain objects found on the beach which are shown alongside the boxes. 6 photographs from bottom left clockwise. Forest of cairns to house a mini cairn, skate park close up, faux concrete cube and pottery shard, Sea and shore line and pebbles with fossils, Sea wall with faux concrete cube, rock pools with pottery shards, all 6 boxes.

Packaging my beach finds and sending them to people I am missing.