Maddie Banwell

A table with a ripped up envelope with the words ‘don’t quit’ on it


A photo of a window with ‘tired’ painted backwards in white capital letters. Outside is dark and the camera flash reflects in the window glass.


A photo of a sculpture on a wall, there are sun and cloud clipart's photoshopped on top in a circle. The image is a sketch of a sculpture im going to make

sketch - stratocumulus hot flush

a cartoon sun hiding behind a cloud, beneath the cloud the suns legs poke out wearing black shine shoes

shy sun

a screenshot of a google search result. the article reads 'Study shows climate change has a new victim — a type of cloud'

endangered clouds

A photo of a drawing on a table with a pen taped to a piece of white wire. The drawing has been drawn using this wire pen tool.

Sharpie Extender

A wall filled will filler behind a hand holding up a beer


GIF of a train moving from left to right, the train is made with keyboard characters.

chug chug chug