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A traditional Punjabi game being played by myself and three friends in Cannon Hill Park Birmingham.

Playing Pachisi in the park with Rupi Dhillon

Aarhus Can Kick

Preparing a print for Ikon Sellers Show, featuring constellations of stars, planetary bodies and satellites printed on brass in ultramarine blue. The form of the sculpture comes from an archway in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy, created by Giotto

One Of Seven Constellations- preparing a print for Ikon sellers show

Documenta 2021

Green and yellow print of a tropical scene with a volcano

The volcano

A stream running pink

Does it take the path of least resistance?

An illustration

Vine research

Image of a flag with “DONT GIVE UP THE SHIP” written on it

Don’t Give Up The Ship

FaceTime Collaboration with Rupi Dhillon from 30/30

Landscape in Wolverhampton

A walk in Wolves

Photograph of several members of found the plot, on our first day at the allotment.

Found The Plot - group photo

Speaking to myself

Meditations from the vineyard

Window pane partially obscured by a long exhalation of breath




Sketch for a residency garden (unfinished)

Sketch for a residency garden (unfinished)

Spanking paddle to be embossed with the Arts Council Logo (commission)

Roughing out an Arts Council Spanking Paddle

Landscape at night

Night Desert

A conifer tree growing out of broken asphalt. Discovered on a walk in Birmingham, initially thought to be a fallen limb of a tree.

Life ‘uh finds a way

Cornish Stone, carved pine

Cornish Suiseki