Mel read

Instagram: @Silverkippertie

Tiny pics

Little pics

Little pencil sketches of Alfie


Sketch book page of people walking

The least resistance

Dance of a cat with wings

I describe in drawing

Black and white cat on his back with wings

One cat two cat

Not much use. Will not let me up load

Bits of face marked up or cut up

Just a little thank you to the KK clan for making women’s lives just that little bit harder

House in a snow globe. Figures on the outside


Drawing of person wearing a sandwich board with a painting on it

See me

Small dog in a mussel black and white

Use that anger

Lots of spying eyes

Eye spy with my little eye

Sequinned dinosaur instant photo of a plant


Tiny people and colourful beads on a casino chip

Pin it

Small squares filled with tiny owls

Have a hoot

An egg shaped time machine in pencil.

.an eggstra time machine

Lots of bright colours

Colours contrast paint and paper

Squat figure on yellow background red pointy shoes dirndle skirt. Knives and tools for hands

Cut ii