Rupi Dhillon

Bio: Hi I’m Rupi - I came here to finally work on that list of ideas. To prototype and make some of them a reality through drawing, short sketches, mini mock ups and well just play and experimentation. 30 days of testing and questioning and 30 days of no excuses. Thanks 12ø Collective - for allowing me the space.


Instagram: @rupidh

A girl sitting on a woven bed stitching various punjabi garments together to form a quilt-  within a gallery window

Residency Progress at Asylum, Wolverhampton

More hair = More strength, cut out of blue Womxn win nude with head leaning down and long thick black hair in a gold band reaching their toes.

Neel - The Blue Person I

Rabbits Road Press studio visit and planning for drawings and printing

Research Day - Rabbits Road Press

Blue line drawing of a hand - wedding finger touching thumb, with peach details on a cream background

Hand I

A drawing of a cobra on a cream background

Sap 🐍

Rupi eating a pizza inside a gallery space window, whilst working - with her name placed on the glass in front of her

Residency day 1

The word DAAJ meaning dowry in punjabi is written in capital letters cut out from a photograph of a sari, below it are translations in Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and Bengali all spelling dowry in their relevant translations and languages. Each font type is cut out using a photograph and placed on a cream background.

I have a residency in Wolverhampton

FaceTime Collaboration with Fred Hubble from 30/30

Two people sitting far apart on a giant woven bed in Punjab.

Appreciation post

A cut out figure of a person in sunflower yellow with black spots all over on a cream background.

Les Draags de la Planète Sauvage

Cut out letters from a photograph of an Indian family all dressed up for a wedding placed below - text reads - TAKE A BREAK


A line drawing in cream and grey for a woven pattern - Brutalist Former Library in Birmingham.

Birmingham Based Manjis I

An embroidered cross shaped piece of fabric, dark red, green with lime green flower details, 7 cowrie shells and 16 counters in various colours.

Pachisi Embroidered Board


A drawing of a black and white checkerboard board mat in the shape of a cross - made from textiles, with 4 blue, 4 green, 4 yellow and 4 red counters, 7 cowrie shells and 2 hand drawn arms reaching out to play the game, on a cream background. The game is called Pachisi in India and was played in ancient Mughal times- you may associate this game with Ludo or more recently Frustration.

Pachisi Drawing

A red chilli pepper 🌶 
polymer clay, aluminium foil, leaves

Mirchi Prototype

Red hot chilli pepper adorned with a yellow border


Blue Cattle motif with yellow ornamental border


Hand drawn map of the Punjab region of India, featuring the five rivers and cattle motifs.